The trouble I see with many marketers is that they seem to take on these monumental tasks. They want to write epic posts in an hour. They want to produce a slew of videos in short succession. They want thousands of links today.

Stop. Breathe. Relax.

I like quick wins. You know … the easy tasks that give you a great sense of accomplishment even though they took just a few minutes of your time?

Psychologically they’re powerful. They provide signals that you’re moving ahead in your business. That sense of accomplishment and completion then rolls over into the next task. Before you know it you’re on a roll.

Today I’d like to share twelve of these five minute actions that could have a great impact on your business (and sense of accomplishment).

1. Check Your SEO Performance

Plug in your website URL to one of the many SEO tools that will analyze your performance. Take a few notes of what you could do to increase its page load, keywords, structure, or fix up broken links. Choose one of the items that look manageable and go ahead and do it. A fix minute tweak (such as changing a keyword or two on a popular post) could give it the bump it needs to jump up a few spots in the listings.

2. Change the Call-to-Action

The call-to-action, as we have discussed in our big roundup of CTA resources, is the real money maker, here. A simple change can lead to a substantial jump in your profits. Try taking five minutes to change around the colors, copy, and design of your call-to-action button. Test different bullet points, testimonials, and other signals around the CTA.

3. Identify (and Contact) a Brand Ambassador

Take a look through your chat history, comments, or social comments and identify someone you’d label as a brand ambassador (the very vocal individuals about your brand). Get in touch with them and ask for feedback for the business. Ask other questions such as “how can I help you?” or “what would you like to read on the blog?”. This little contact will solidify their love for your brand because they’ll feel appreciated. It takes just a few moments of your time to send off an email.

4. Renew the Domain Name

Don’t make the mistake of letting someone snipe your domain name. Go ahead and log into your domain hosting provider and pay another year (or two) for the ones you want to keep. This small action can help prevent any disrupts in your projects and even bigger mistakes if someone grabs the domain.

5. Revise an Old Post

Look at your analytics and find a popular post published some time ago. Revise the piece with new information, internal links, and product promotions that have hit the market. Reformat some of the content to make it easier to read. Apply new SEO elements that you may have forgot the first time around.

6. Give a Freebie to a Follower

Randomly select someone that’s frequently commenting on your blog, sending you emails, or voting for your content on social feeds. Send them an email thanking them for their patronage and give them one of your freebies (or make something completely new for this type of action). They’ll be thankful they were chosen and it’s likely they’ll talk about it on their social feeds or on their blog.

7. Clean Up Your Desk

Reduce all the clutter around your desk. Get rid of anything that doesn’t help propel your business. Removing these distractions will help you stay focused on the important tasks. It’s very subtle but you mentally feel free when you don’t feel as if you’re buried in stuff.

8. Update those Programs

Stop closing out of those update notifications. Go ahead and let them install the new versions of the programs. This is especially important to do, regularly, because they’re patching security holes which could be potentially dangerous if someone targeted you for an attack. Plus, there may be new features that help your business!

9. Unsubscribe from Ten Things

Log into your email or social account and unsubscribe from ten lists. This is a lot like cleaning your desk. You’ll no longer become distracted by constantly seeing new items hit your feeds or inbox. Chances are you don’t even really pay attention to them anymore, anyway, so they’re a lot like junk mail – just taking up space and wasting mental processes.

10. Write a Thank You Note (by Hand)

Sit down and pen out a handwritten thank you note for someone from your customer list. Talk about how you appreciate their business and that you’re always available to help. Send it out. A few minutes doing this once or twice a day could spur repeat business from those on the fence about buying new items.

11. Step Outside, Reflect

Go ahead and take a five minute break. Get away from the computer and leave your cell phone behind. Step outside and breathe in the air – take in the sun. Reflect for a moment about all of your accomplishments. Think of how you’ll tackle today’s tasks. Think of the future. Think of your life. Then come back and use that boost of inspiration to do great things for your business.

12. Your Choice

Think of something you could do, this very moment, which would take less than five minutes. It could be changing the picture on your about page. It could be adding a few extra lines to your portfolio. It could be looking into your analytics and comparing it to the previous year. Whatever that may be – keep is short and sweet – but get it done.


You’d be amazed at what you can do in just five minutes. Little tweaks like changing the call-to-action can lead to a nice bump in profits. Stepping out to take a breather could get your head back in the game. Contacting vocal members of your community may help build some buzz. Find a five minute block and put something into action and then make it a good habit.