social media affiliate programsIf you don’t know about social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, and Google Plus, you’ve probably been living under a rock … or possibly an uncharted tropical island … for the past five years.

While My Space has fizzled, Facebook is currently vying with Google to be the web’s most highly trafficked site. Twitter is growing in users exponentially. And Google Plus, launched a few short weeks ago, is quickly challenging Facebook’s dominance in social networking.

If you do know about these sites, you already know about the power they have to build a fanbase, or as Seth Godin would say, a “tribe” that you lead.

And if you understand the power of social media to build a tribe, get people excited about your brand, and drive traffic to your website, why stop with a few measly accounts at the big players?

The social media landscape is littered with smaller, niche players. In the same way that your affiliate marketing website satisfies a small but vibrant niche within the huge e-commerce landscape, there are social media outlets that cater to specific kinds of sharing (music, bookmarking, video) or specific niches (Internet marketing, shopping, families, non-English languages).

If you’re working to develop a following for your site, doesn’t it make sense to post your content and get involved in as many conversations as possible? And if you want to get involved in multiple conversations, don’t you think that using more sites can help you?

Today I’ve assembled a list of 25 social media sites you may or may not have heard of. I urge you to check them all out and determine if they’re right for your business. (They’re in no particular order.)

Are there social networks you’re using that we didn’t discuss in this article? Please let us know in the comments!