If you’ve ever run a web site or blog of your own, you can understand the complications in making good money and monetizing your traffic without going overboard on the ads. The mentality in the online world of marketing is that you need to run banners ads to make money if you have a web site… that mentality is wrong!

Programs like Google Adsense are an easy way to monetize your site, but you are literally giving away your traffic and making them leave your site for just a few pennies.

Serving banners on your web site is also an effective way to bring in a few dollars here and there, but you are most likely taking up too much of your web page space and most people are probably blind to your banners anyway.

Instead of focusing your revenue efforts on banners and taking up extra space on your blog, or passing along your valued site traffic for just a few pennies, let’s look at a few different ways you can start to monetize your blog traffic without banner ads.

Promote Yourself and Services

One of the best and most profitable ways to make money with a blog of your own, is to continually promote yourself and your own services. Whether you are a master at SEO, affiliate marketing, writing or anything else of value, don’t sell yourself short. If people are reading your blog, then they see value in what you have to say and offer.

When you are selling your own time, products or services you are gaining 100% of the sale. If you have an established blog with a ton of content that people are finding extremely valuable, you can also re-write and update the content, then release it in a private forum or as an ebook file. Once you have an established product or service, this will also open up the opportunity for you to have your own affiliate program to drive sales and traffic to your site.

Affiliate Marketing and Recommendations

There is nothing wrong with promoting other services and products online. It’s actually more important to make sure that what you are writing about is relevant to your blog content and traffic than anything else. Through the numerous amount of affiliate programs on the internet, you can talk about, review or recommend nearly anything online and receive a commission on it.

For instance, if you currently have movie or entertainment review site, you can link to relevant movies and titles through Amazon.com and earn a commission on all referred sales. Best of all, this can be done through simple text links in your content, so you don’t have to rely on big ugly banner ads to mess up your site.

Contextual Advertising Within Your Content

Speaking of using text links within your content, contextual advertising is a great way to turn your readers into profit. The best way to think of contextual advertising is to think of Google Adsense but without the need to take up banner space, and all of the advertising is the text within your real content.

Contextual ad networks can install a short line of code, or a wordpress plugin on your site and can then see your content and turn relevant text into affiliate links or ads. These contextual ad networks will also usually pay out much more than the few pennies you may receive from Google Adsense too.

Forget the Banner, Focus on the Content

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to start monetizing you blog content and traffic without needing to use old traditional banners. If you are going to rely on banners as a source of revenue, make sure you have a well established and high traffic site that you can charge premium rates on so you will earn premium dollar for ad placement on your site.

This post was written by Zac Johnson
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