With the new year there comes many new opportunities…

Much has changed over the past year which means your affiliate plans are bound to accommodate. There are plenty of new affiliate programs, trends, and products/services to be had but which of them will be the ones to go for once the calendar rolls over to January 1st?

Here are some of those things to look out for (and do) once the clock reaches midnight:

1. Finally get that mobile site

Another year… another time when you promised you’d finally have that mobile version of the site.

A great deal of traffic is now coming from mobile so it’s silly to waste any more time; this should be the year that you finally pull the trigger and make it to mobile.

There are plenty of services that will convert a site to a mobile-friendly format; many of which are simple drag-and-drop so you don’t need to hire a professional. Even if you hire an individual to create the mobile version you’re not stuck paying a large amount since the main assets are already in place.

Point being: Don’t make this year another one where you miss on the mobile conversions.

2. Setup revise that evergreen content

Evergreen content is the type that can stick around forever and still be viable as time passes because it touches on those fundamental aspects of a topic.


There are always new additions coming to the topic. By updating the evergreen content it stays this way. People landing on it will continue to benefit from it plus Google is seeing that it’s been updated so it refreshes the listings.

Take a day of your time to go back through to the popular and major traffic generating posts to revise and add anything that may have changed over the last year to keep it evergreen.

3. Renegotiate affiliate terms

How long have you been working with an affiliate program?

If you’ve consistently delivered them business and show a lot of growth then terms should be so that both parties are happy in the new year.

All it really takes is a chat with your affiliate manager. Talking with them you’ll be able to see if the business is willing to increase the percentage of your commission. You’re in a great position because you’re the one driving the leads; it would be idiotic for them to deny you a bump seeing that you’re the reason they keep going.

Use your position as leverage and make more money in the new year by taking the time to talk with your manager.

4. Start a fresh project

Usually you’ll see posts on the blog that talk about the importance of keeping your work streamlined so that you’re not distracted but in reality we all need something fresh to renew our interest in our work.

Try something new this next year.

It could be working on a skill, building a new site, starting a side-hustle or whatever you want. The point is bring something new to the table that will keep you driven, interested, and challenged.

Do, though, keep it off to the side so it doesn’t become that distraction from your main work but also make sure that you capitalize on it if it happens to really pick up the steam.

5. Work on yourself

Did you put on a few extra pounds last year because you’re at the computer so frequently?

Hop on the bandwagon like many others when the ball drops and make a promise that you’ll work on your health in the new year.

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours of the day is going to naturally add some weight and mess with your health but it doesn’t mean you don’t have time to be active. Take a look at our post on staying healthy in the office and you’ll see that with a few minutes of exercise and a few minutes of mental breaks you’ll keep those creeping health issues away and bring more energy to your work.