Last week we brought you a collection of six different ways you can increase your profitability over the weekend.

There are so many other ways that we decided to come back to the topic one again.

Like we had mentioned the weekend is a great time to get a leg up on the competition because so many affiliate marketers are taking that time off to relax. If you have the energy and really want to push your business there shouldn’t be a reason why you’d drop the ball.

Put on your thinking caps because were’ coming at you with some great ideas for the weekend:

Implement a fan gate

Fan gate plugins are a smart way to get visitors to follow your social profiles or to share the information because it requires them to do so before they gain access to the content.

Consider going back through some of your older, popular posts and implement a fan gate. Alternatively, try condensing a few of your blog posts, turn it into an ebook, and give it away for free but with this fan gate in place.

Test a new network

Use your extensive list of affiliate programs and consider adding a new one to your line-up.

Many will have products you can’t find elsewhere which could be a hidden gem. Sign up for a few and await the application process but in the meantime begin generating a few ideas for how you could push the products on your website.

Fix up a landing page

Outdated landing pages slowly lose their profitability because your message may have evolved since the first time you hit publish.

Consider going back through all your landing pages and make a few improvements whether it’s updating the graphics, changing the copy, or testing out a different look and feel for the opt-in form. While you’re in there try subscribing and implementing an A/B testing service if you haven’t yet explored this territory.

Negotiate better rates with your affiliate manager

Spend the weekend getting in touch with your affiliate manager and try to negotiate new rates.

If you’re one of their top affiliates they will want to do everything they can to retain you on their network. Even a small percentage bump in your commission can lead to thousands of extra dollars over the course of the year. Not too bad considering it’s something you can quickly do when you have some downtime over the weekend, right?

Make an infographic

Infographics remain a great way to spread your expertise and build backlinks to your website.

There are many more benefits of using infographics for your affiliate marketing such as their ability to quickly spread throughout the blogosphere and help consumers understand the industry which may lead them to your business.

You don’t have to be a designer to create them, either. Find a freelancer or use a graphic service to whip one up and you’re ready to go!

Start preparing for Halloween

Halloween is next month but stores are already beginning to add in stock; people will start purchasing Halloween related items in masse very soon, too.

The Halloween niche may not fit on your current website but since you have a lot of time, still, you can always try out a few campaigns off to the side either through direct advertising or making a small website and landing page.

There you have it. Six more profitable actions to take this weekend. Get at it!