Throughout this week I plan to bring you a very short series that will take you through the fundamentals of improving your affiliate marketing business.

The topics I’ll touch on range from SEO, content marketing, social media, advertising, and growth.

Each of these topics can take years to master but what I plan to do with the series is to give you a leg-up on each of them in just a minute of your time. It’s the type of series where one good suggestion can become a great opportunity for your business so if you find something and like it then go with it and put it into practice.

Set your timer… here we go…

  • Place a heavy emphasis on the images you decide to use within your advertising. Spend the extra money for great stock photography that matches the tone and direction of the advertising. Once you have the creative down the other elements, like copy, will often fall into place.
  • Explore the various channels and keep track of what provides a positive ROI. There is no one channel that is going to be the best contender if you only test a handful. Try all sorts of advertising from sponsored content, banners, text-based ads, promoted posts, sponsored Tweets, and the like. Find what works best for your business, ramp up the budget, and own the channel.
  • Always run variables of your advertising so that you can find ways to create a greater impact. These changes can be as little as a word on the copy. Having tracking programs/scripts will allow you to see which changes are for the best so you may improve with each new campaign.
  • Know when it’s time to ramp the budget. When you see positive returns on an advertising campaign you can’t expect it to last forever so make the most of it and dump your funds into that campaign to squeeze out every opportunity.
  • Keep a swipe file of your campaigns and those of your competitors; this swipe file should include creative and copy that went over well with the marketplace so you may build upon it for future campaigns (without all the guess work).
  • Advertising isn’t the best skill we posses so if you’re in a corner then consider hiring professionals that can use their expertise to deliver exceptional results. It comes at a higher price, upfront, but remember that you’re likely to lose quite a bit due to testing through your own hands.

Take one of these suggestions and roll with it. It’s better to give at least one a try than attempt them all and become discouraged. Once you hit your stride with the one – come back and work on the next. You’ll build a momentum that will see you you through to improving your business.

Image by lisasolonyko