Throughout this week I brought you a very short series that will take you through the fundamentals of improving your affiliate marketing business.

The topics I’ll touch on range from SEO, content marketing, social media, advertising, and growth.

Each of these topics can take years to master but what I plan to do with the series is to give you a leg-up on each of them in just a minute of your time. It’s the type of series where one good suggestion can become a great opportunity for your business so if you find something and like it then go with it and put it into practice.

Set your timer… here we go…

  • Customer support will be one of the defining elements to growth. A great customer experience will keep people coming back time and time again. A great experience also gives people a reason to tell it to their friends, family, and other contacts which naturally funnel new leads.
  • Don’t be afraid to trim the fat on projects that aren’t turning out as expected. We all have tons of great ideas that we’d like to pursue but it’s better to cut the cord early and take it as a small loss than investing more time, energy, and resources into something that doesn’t have potential.
  • Hire those individuals that truly know what they’re doing. You may think you can cut corners by learning it on your own but your job, as a business owner, is to see the business to profit and not squandering its potential because it’s in limbo due to your learning curve. Get smart people on board and they will bring smart ideas (and talent) for growth to the table.
  • Expand on new business ventures when the time is right and everything is in alignment. Start by expanding into complimentary areas of your business (such as offering a service to a product, consulting, or an additional, helpful product to match a previous). Once you expand horizontally you can begin entertaining ideas for vertical growth.
  • Network with smart individuals that have gone through the growth process; take in their knowledge to avoid the growing pains.
  • Make an effort to never stop learning because there are always new opportunities to promote and grow your brand. Every day there are new applications, services, platforms, and people that can aid in building your business so keep an eye on the opportunity to jump right in. Don’t get comfortable with your current standing since the Web changes so quickly and can leave you in the dust. Most importantly… apply what you’re learning as you go.

Take one of these suggestions and roll with it. It’s better to give at least one a try than attempt them all and become discouraged. Once you hit your stride with the one – come back and work on the next. You’ll build a momentum that will see you you through to improving your business.

Image by lisasolonyko