Throughout this week I plan to bring you a very short series that will take you through the fundamentals of improving your affiliate marketing business.

The topics I’ll touch on range from SEO, content marketing, social media, advertising, and growth.

Each of these topics can take years to master but what I plan to do with the series is to give you a leg-up on each of them in just a minute of your time. It’s the type of series where one good suggestion can become a great opportunity for your business so if you find something and like it then go with it and put it into practice.

Set your timer… here we go…

  • Your audience is going to be on many different channels so it’s good that you join multiple social media outlets; it doesn’t, though, mean you should go for them all. Stick to the big ones since that’ll cover the majority and so that it’s easier to manage.
  • A large part of your social media experience should be about the experience (even if they aren’t a customer); you want them to associate a great conversation (or response) so they may think of your brand when talking about the subject.
  • Each person of your business should have a social media account for business this way you always have someone to respond to inquiring individuals; it also gives a very human feel to the social experience which allows others to latch on and feel they’re truly special (even for that moment).
  • A good mix of posting should be content and promotion; try to keep it leaning toward the content and casual side of things so your brand is relate-able but also mix in the occasional promotional material to drive people to the site to generate sales.
  • Social media should really be about having fun, connecting with people, and trying new things; don’t see the followers as yet another number. Social doesn’t need to have a rigid, structural approach for every message. Use it to connect on a real level as if you are genuinely trying to make new friends.

Take one of these suggestions and roll with it. It’s better to give at least one a try than attempt them all and become discouraged. Once you hit your stride with the one – come back and work on the next. You’ll build a momentum that will see you you through to improving your business.

Image by lisasolonyko