There are many different kinds of affiliate marketing that an online businessman can do. For instance, there’s PPC marketing, Facebook marketing, email list marketing, and so on.

Also, there’s blog marketing – the “art” of making money through small, laser-targeted blogs (blog for profit) that focus on really narrow niches.

One of the people who really know how it’s done is Marcus Campbell – an affiliate marketer who’s been in the business for over 10 years.

Right now, Marcus is reaching out to the community offering his new thing – 7 Day Blog Profits.


7 Day Blog Profits is a software package that comes with a number of modules, each focusing on a different aspect of creating, launching, and monetizing small blog sites.

  • Day 1: how to find profitable markets/niches and then keywords to create your blogs around.
  • Day 2: how to choose the right domain and why domains are important for your future success.
  • Day 3: plugins and setting up your blog. How to do it correctly to please the search engines and make your site user-friendly.
  • Day 4: how to find the right affiliate offers to promote, and how to sign up to an affiliate network.
  • Day 5: how to get your blog ranked for your chosen terms and for other related terms that have low competition.
  • Day 6: how to include additional (long term) monetization methods, like mailing lists. Also, how to build a relationship with your readers.
  • Day 7: how to analyze your stats and improve your rankings by putting your work where you can get the most leverage.

The Good

Despite the fact the Marcus pitches this as a CD package that you can get after paying shipping and handling, the whole thing can be downloaded directly right after you sign up. So you can start working with it right after you submit your name and email.

Also, this package is targeted towards beginners, so it provides a handy step-by-step advice that’s easy to digest.

The Bad

If you’re and advanced affiliate marketer then you’ll probably won’t get much value out of this product.


The 7 Day Blog Profits software package is free. However, when you sign up, you’ll see some promotional materials for Blog Profit Network – another product of Marcus.

Customer Support

When it comes to 7 Day Blog Profits you can contact Marcus through the main site. For Blog Profit Network, there’s live support by chat.


“I liked the 7 day blog for profits I have tried others and never made any money, however I like the way you break it down.” –Gale Christenson

“Thank you Marcus, it seems a simple way to start. I can handle something that’s divided into seven day tasks.” –Zdenka.

The Bottom Line

The fact that 7 Day Blog Profits is a free package makes it something worth having, especially if you’re a beginner and you want to launch your first affiliate site.

Overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 (due to lack of materials for advanced marketers).