It seems that there is a misconception about affiliate marketing in that there needs to be gigantic actions in order to see significant changes in exposure, leads, and profits.

However, I feel that by sticking to the “big action” mindset you miss out on the low-hanging fruit which do have the potential to bring just as great of benefits to the table.

Though it’s obvious the larger goals reap the larger rewards you should consider the amount of time it takes to implement these changes.


It’s the thought like:

“I could spend 6 months working on my SEO to gain a 20% rise in search traffic. Or… spend a few minutes tweaking my copy and convert 20% more people right now.”

If you could begin earning 1% extra in commission today, without much work needed to be done, would you pass that up? Of course not.

So let’s go ahead and kick around some ideas on what you could change, which will make improvements, you can have done by this afternoon…

  • Update the about me page – Things have changed since you first launch your website so if people are landing on the about me page and not seeing it they may feel you’re slacking; this is the page where you can tell your story so tell it well and proud!
  • Update the resources page – On the same boat is updating the resource page by removing and adding any affiliated products you no longer use or are now using. No reason to point people to a dead product when you’ve got the perfect one to recommend.
  • Update the opt-in form – Still using the preset template provided to you through your email marketing service? That’s bland. Hire a designer/developer to create something eye-catching so you can make a move on increasing those sign ups.
  • Touch up the social profiles – Like the above pages and form you should spend some time this afternoon to do any meaningful updates to your social profiles whether it’s adding new contact details, changing your description, or updating graphics to give it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Ask one person for a piece of feedback – Doesn’t matter who they are just as long as you get some sort of response. Have them do a once-over on your site and call out anything that sticks out like a sore thumb or is hard to use; keep a journal of those issues and start fixing them.
  • Buy from the competitor – Skip past all the online research and get it going in a real-world scenario. By purchasing from your competitor you can tap into how they handle customer support, understand their branding, and all those intricacies that make them players in the marketplace.
  • Convert a blog post to video – Setup your smartphone onto a tripod and simply read off what you had covered in one of your popular blog posts. Spend the extra time to add in some transitions and call-outs and viola! you now have something to share on YouTube that can begin driving people back to your site (or converting on affiliated links).
  • Pick one post you enjoyed (today) and actually do it – Don’t just dig through your RSS feed reading all the affiliate news, tutorials, and editorials. Find one that really piques your interest (I’d suggest a tutorial) and actually sit down and do it. You’ll learn something new not just from reading it once-over but because you put it into action. Who knows where it’ll take you and your business if it’s an effective strategy.

It’s all a building block, too, because you’re taking action today and that brings months of real-world research and data to the table versus working off spec when trying to achieve a long-term goal. If there are low-hanging fruit there’s no reason not to take them.

See if you’re missing out on any of these items from the list and start working on ‘em… by the time you’re down for the night you’ll know things are in motion for positive change.

Image by lisasolonynko