Facebook is an immensely worthwhile investment for your online projects:

  • Traffic generation
  • Engaging your audience
  • Finding (and researching) competitors
  • Discovering new interests (and ideas)
  • Direct sales

Though Facebook has been around for some time it’s still a difficult platform to conquer due to its constant changes, quick shifts in the marketplace, multiple platforms, and extensive advertising options. For the average small business owner they already have a lot on their plate so placing a great deal of time into the platform may seem like a chore especially when there aren’t many people following them or their Facebook page.

Well, here are some of the ways you can fix that problem with reach so you can enjoy all those great benefits of the social platform:


1. Alert the audience to follow

Facebook, by default, doesn’t show all of your posts to followers due to its algorithm. One of the easiest ways to alleviate the problem is by telling the audience to select the option to show all post from your page. It’s a very light way of getting those that didn’t know the option existed now actively viewing what you’re posting to the page (which will ultimately lead to greater engagement).


2. Focus on the media

People are more likely to share a photo than a text post, plain and simple, so that means you should place a greater amount of time and effort into finding interesting pictures (or videos) to go along with the content you share so it catches their eye.


3. Do more sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are extremely cheap so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using them on your Facebook page. Go on and try a variety of sponsored post options such as only displaying it to the followers, to friends of the followers, or by selecting a targeted group. Once you get people noticing the page and liking/sharing/commenting on things you will continue to build that momentum.


4. Start interesting conversations

Try to interesting/deep/opinionated start conversations on your page. Once people start replying keep it going by asking more of their opinion and expertise. The goal is to create a conversation that others want to join in on and share their two cents. Because of this level of engagement you will be able to reach people on a deeper level and make them feel more involved with your brand; this leads to a commitment to come back to the page which further improves the chance of your conversion.


5. Funnel people to Facebook

There are plenty of social media platforms you may be using to drive traffic and sales to your website. The only problem is that these platforms are splintered and can be a hassle to control the message when you’re spreading yourself too thin. Try replacing your blog comments with Facebook comments, funnel people from Twitter to your page, or link your profile/page on LinkedIn or Pinterest. The more you condense your followers to a single platform the more you’ll get them all engaging one another.


6. Hold contests

Treat your FB page as a location where there are exclusive community events such as contests. Give away one of your products (or one you promote) based on the engagement you receive from the community whether it’s through a poll, sharing a piece of content, responding to a post, or entering into one of the many contest services that link up with Facebook.


7. Share great content

You could have seen this item on the list a mile away. You probably create great content for your website already so naturally you’ll want to curate and share that with your Facebook audience because not all of them may be visiting your site religiously. Share others’ content as well. Make your page a hub for great, interesting, and sometimes shocking information. Great content will keep people coming back, sharing, liking, and commenting which will boost your reach in the easiest of ways.


8. Create targeted ads

Once you feel comfortable with the sponsored post stuff you should move on to the deeper advertising potential of Facebook. Start playing around with custom and lookalike audiences you import from your email list (and other channels). Segment the audience and target those that may be interested in what you have to offer based on the multiple factors from location to their jobs. FB advertising can get expensive but it’s worth giving it a go even just as a learning experience. See what you can learn through the channel and apply that data toward the actions that will help your page grow.


What strategies do you use to increase your reach on Facebook?

Image by Unsplash