Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to content ideas and resources.

You can find boards and pins on just about anything. What this means is that if you have an idea for a blog post you can hop over to Pinterest, find one of the power users or popular boards, and slap together a blog post in about five minutes.

These become simple (and effective) resource posts that help fill in the content gaps. They’re valuable in the sense that you are condensing the tons and tons of information into a manageable list. Something people need when they’re overloaded by information.

With the tools built into Pinterest it’s easier than ever to compile and create these posts.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Get your keywords

Like advertising you need to find the right set of keywords in order to extract the best content from Pinterest. Generally these keywords will come from your research but if you’re stumped you can always look at your analytics and find which keywords people search on in order to find your site. This will give you a basic set of keywords to start and from there you can play with the variations.

Step 2: Head over to Pinterest

Go over to Pinterest and begin plugging in your keywords. It’ll take some time to sort through it all but eventually you’re going to land on a handful of boards and users that really bring the value.

Step 3: Create the outline

I would then recommend that you outline the article you want to produce. Figure out what angle you want to use and then write up the basics like headline and introduction. From there it’s just a matter of filling out the rest with the content you find on Pinterest.

Step 4: Utilize the code

Pinterest has a great set of tools to embed content. Once you’re on the pin you want to include you can dig into the tools to find the embed code. Paste this into your content in HTML form and you’re done. If need be you can modify the parameters and elements to add to the flair.

Step 5: Add some insight

The last part I want to add is the importance of insight.

Merely slapping together a post is okay in the basic sense but there needs to be some context as to why you’re doing it. Having a big list of 100+ tutorials is nice but now you’re just overloading the person. It’s best that you keep it to a manageable amount of items you include along with why you chose them.

This way people can understand what value they have to offer.

All it takes is a sentence or two. If you expand it to a paragraph even better. Throw in some promotion and now you’re making money. Take the time to piece it all together and the post will do a lot more than fill the content gap.

How do you use Pinterest for your affiliate marketing business?