For anyone that has been a blogger or user of the WordPress platform over the past few years, you can truly appreciate it’s value and what it’s done for the online world and the management of web sites.

Back in the day I was always a straight basic HTML guy and had no experience with programming. This meant I would always have to outsource jobs to programmers and it would take forever to get anything done.

When I first started my blog five years ago, this was the first time I used WordPress and I have been obsessed with it ever since!

Not only is WordPress free, but it’s also one of the most used and powerful tools on the internet. There are over 50 million web sites that are using WordPress to power their sites, and some of these are multi million and even billion dollar companies.

It’s quite amazing to think about what WordPress has done for bloggers, site owners and affiliate marketers. For anyone who is looking to start their first web site or even landing pages, you should definitely consider WordPress as one of your options.

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No matter what type of site or plan you have for marketing online, it’s all possible through WordPress. Through the use of premium themes and WordPress plugins, even newbies can make big changes to their sites with ease. Since there are dedicated programmers and designers out there who specialize in the customization of WordPress, pretty much anything is possible.

In the infographic below we take a look at just how big and important WordPress is today in 2012.

Here are just a few quick stats to get you started:

There are an estimated 31 Million bloggers in the US as of July 2012

Businesses Blogging Stats

  • 60% of Businesses have a Business
  • 35% Blog At Least Once A Month
  • 65% Haven’t Blogged Once In The Past Year

US Blogging Stats For 2012

  • 42,000,000 Blogs in the US
  • 329 Million People View  A Blog Monthly
  • 25 Billion Pages Viewed Monthly
  • 500,000 Daily New Posts
  • 400,000 Daily Comments

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