In the world of online marketing, and especially in affiliate marketing, knowing who you are working with means everything. There is a lot of trust to be placed in your ad network partners in this industry, and word can spread quickly should a network be found for shaving leads, screwing over affiliates and most importantly, not sending out payments on time, or not even at all!

The affiliate industry is much like it’s own self-governed country. While ad networks manage a great majority of the business that takes place, it’s the affiliates that the ones up are putting up the money to get campaigns going, and can quickly make or break an ad network with a simple recommendation, or harmful network review.

With all of that said, it’s important to keep your reputation in tact, and make yourself (as an ad network, manager or advertiser) available as much as possible. Using these three simple, yet effective methods of communication and promotion, you can quickly increase the exposure and overall reputation of your company.

Create a Social Network Following

Twitter, Facebook and now Google+… almost everyone is on at least one of them, and many people are quickly preferring to use these social networks as their main source of communication over email and instant messaging chat. If you already are up and running on all of these networks, excellent! If you aren’t, make sure you join quickly, and setup a fan page for your own affiliate network or ad services in the process! A “Like”, “Share” or “Retweet” can go a long way in this industry!

Build Your Brand with a Blog

Remember when “blogging” was such a hippie and silly thing to do back in the day?… it was almost seen as the poor mans way to get his thoughts and messages read online, but wanted nothing to do with making money or doing business online. Now it’s anything but! Having your own web site or blog can bring a lot of attention and trust with your brand. If you are running your own ad network, posting campaign tips and advice is always a great way to bring in new readers and affiliates who might not have known about your company. As an affiliate, it’s a great idea to have your own blog, as you can document your progress over the years, but as you grow, it will also help bring in new business and contacts from other ad networks and advertisers you might not have known about.

Provide Your Real Contact Information

With so many ad networks, landing pages, affiliates, marketers, bloggers and everything in between floating around out there, it’s really tough to want to put real accurate information out there. There is nothing wrong with have a fake name, a fun cartoon character or silly domain name to do business behind, just make sure that there is a legitimate way for people to get in contact with you. There is no reason for you to use an email address since contact forms are now easy to setup, and every social network now has their own messaging platform.

Your Reputation is Your Brand

As mentioned, with so many affiliates and ad networks now in the affiliate industry, the last thing you want to deal with is having to focus on your reputation after someone had a bad experience. For all the affiliate managers and ad networks out there, make sure that you put yourself out there, brand your logos and site names, then make an established name for yourself and keep affiliate marketers happy.
Some of the smallest networks out there have built themselves into powerhouse companies by making use of social networking and keeping themselves readily available 24/7. Focus on building your brand and ethics the right way now, so you don’t have to hire a reputation management company later on. Are you doing the most you can for your brand and online reputation?

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at Blogging Tips and Affiliate Marketing blog, as well as the founder of Follow me on Twitter @MoneyReign.

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