Social media has taken the Web by storm and now accounts for the majority of our active time on the Internet. Of course, it makes sense because why would you choose surfing the Web alone when you could talk with friends and share what you’ve found?

Now, take that thought into account and ask it when someone discovers your website.

When someone visits your website what do they have to do other than view your content? Sure, they could leave a comment or send you an email but what does that compare to other sites like Facebook or Twitter where they can talk, in real-time, share pictures, or play online games?

Don’t worry, though, because there are plenty of ways to add in some great social features to your website if you wish to hold people on your site longer and so you have the opportunity to interact!

Quick Chat & Social Shares

Having access to talk to the community (or to the website owner) can make a big difference if you’re very into a website, the person behind it, and its’ content. There are times when a casual chat can build better relationships between both parties and could lead to stronger communities and increase profits because of trust building.

One such tool to add social shares and chat is Bumpin.

The concept behind the plugin is to:

  • Retain users and visitors
  • Spend a longer time on the site
  • Social sharing
  • Live notifications
  • Tracking

The social bar is completely customizable and easy to install. Once you have it running you’ll have access to these features and a new way to connect with your community. Those building a website with a high level of social interaction in mind should consider Bumpin’s offers as part of the mix.

Community News

A community news feature is a smart choice if you’d like to allow visitors to contribute to the website and make them feel a part of the deeper community. Community news helps every individual landing on the page because they can find community recommended resources and there are elements of self-promotion for these individuals and this gives them incentive to come back and stick.

A WordPress plugin that can handle this type of social addition is FV Community News.

The concept behind this one is, again, simple:

  • Community can add news to your website
  • News can be tailored and displayed within a feed
  • Multi-language and spam prevention is included

It’s simple but can be a big boost to adding a fresh element of social media to your website. Giving community members the ability to share their work (or those they found helpful related to yours) creates this sense of being so they’re likely to stick around because they, too, want to be recognized by others coming to your site – it’s win/win promotion and trust building!

Chat Rooms

The 90’s was dominated by chat rooms because it was one of the earlier way you could begin interacting with others on the Internet besides having to publish sites or use message board. Chat may have fallen out of favor but they are still going strong in many communities especially because people can get in, leave a comment, start a conversation, request service, and go along their way – plus it gives people the ability to make a name for themselves so they feel closer to the community because of notoriety.

A WordPress plug we’d choose for this, in order to keep things simple, would be simply: Chat Room.

Not to be confused with embedded chat as we had mentioned with the help of Bumpin – this WordPress plugin will help you setup a page that acts as a standalone chat room much like you’d find in the earlier times of the Web.

There are a few reasons why you might want to use this:

  • Stay open to conversations to accept feedback and ideas
  • Let other members of the community share their thoughts
  • Stay up on community activity
  • Handle customer service if you were selling products or services

The plugin is extremely easy to install and configure so you shouldn’t have any trouble implementing it into your website.


There are certainly many more different social media elements that you could add to your website and we definitely encourage you to explore the endless options! But, if you’d like to keep things simple so you can jump in and out of a chat with community members and other visitors than the items we’ve listed, we believe, should handle what you need.

Are you feeling social? How do you interact with your community through social tools?