As reported by various agencies, an independent survey has revealed Adknowledge – a performance based advertiser marketplace – as the top affiliate network among marketers.

The survey was completed by The Pert Group global research firm. It asked marketers to rate a number of affiliate networks on a number of factors. The survey has shown that Adknowledge outscores their competition in the majority of these factors.

Affiliate marketers see Adknowledge as “having the most competitive payouts,” “being the most financially stable,” and “having the best account management.”

It’s financial stability that turns out to be one of the main concerns of affiliate marketers these days. In times of crisis, affiliates want to be certain that they can always count on their network’s honesty and integrity.

This is something that The Pert Group has noticed too, as their senior vice president of client strategy, Christopher Barnes had this to say: “Marketers are looking for increased stability in the industry. Industry leaders that can address their concerns will be the long term winners in the market.

Adknowledge is not only focusing on being upfront with their affiliates, but also on launching direct projects to help them during these tough times. Like the Affiliate Relief Program, which is meant to help to deal with the industry downturn.

What This Means for Affiliates

Quite simply, there can be only one conclusion … if you’re not an Adknowledge affiliate yet, you should consider becoming one.

Adknowledge offers their affiliates a number of tools, like proprietary ad serving technology, industry high payouts for all types of traffic, more than 10,000 advertisers to choose from (more than 7,000 of them being exclusives), and top quality promotional materials.