Advertising – usually the first idea people get when the topic of making money online is mentioned. And the first association with advertising online is AdSense.

The reality, however, is that it’s really difficult to make any significant income from AdSense if you didn’t set up your site to be AdSense-optimized right from the get-go.

Of course, you can simply embed the AdSense code somewhere on your website without any additional care and even make a couple of bucks, but this approach is far from the maximum that can be achieved.

Enter AdSense $100k Blueprint


AdSense $100k Blueprint is a new product providing detailed instruction on how to create profitable (even six-figure) and sustainable businesses with AdSense.

If you’ve been involved in online advertising for any amount of time then you know that the “sustainable” part can often become the most challenging.

Some details about the program:

  • It’s based entirely on real world experience, not some should-work theories.
  • It’s been tested and tweaked for more than a year.
  • It provides a step-by-step blueprint on how to create profitable AdSense sites.
  • It’s targeted towards beginners, so everyone will be able to follow the instructions.

Why AdSense $100k Blueprint is Different

AdSense $100k Blueprint really is a “blueprint.” It takes you by the hand and shows you every step of the process starting from registering a new domain, all the way to making money with your website.

The main idea of the program is to teach you how to create informational websites using WordPress, and then take them to Page 1 rankings on Google.

The blueprint leverages what the authors call the Pivot Points.

Pivot Point 1 – Niche and Keyword Selection.

The most important element of any venture online. If you don’t select the right niche and keywords nothing else can help you later.

Pivot Point 2 – Ranking and Traffic.

When it comes to traffic, what matters are not only pure numbers, but also the kind of traffic that will convert on AdSense. This part is where you learn how to attract such traffic.

Start bringing the right traffic to your site– NOW!

Pivot Point 3 – Conversions.

AdSense was never about showing a couple of ad blocks here and there. If you want to convert a healthy part of your traffic, you need to dive into this topic deeper.

AdSense $100k Blueprint comes as a PDF download consisting of over 100 pages of solid material, which you can get for $47. Every technique described inside is up-to-date and “Panda” compliant.

But wait, there are bonuses: two AdSense-ready WordPress themes, a collection of SEO plugins, an action plan spreadsheet, and a set of great internet marketing tools to make your work even easier.

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