Affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative with the right traffic, offer and industry but there comes a time when sales come to a halt. Google Adsense can be a great addition to your affiliate marketing business because it “picks up the slack” when things don’t necessarily pan out in your online projects.

In this post, I’d like to share how you can begin to integrate Google Adsense into your Affiliate Business.

But, Adsense Shows my Competitors?!

Don't let this chump get in your way.

In reality, yes, Adsense will show your competition and even drive away visitors from your website to a third party website and not your affiliate product.

However, let’s remember that the smart approach to affiliate marketing is to focus on a few products or programs that have the greatest potential rather than slapping a new promotion with each new page you publish on your website or blog.

Adsense, on your business site, can pick up the slack with crafty ad placement on pages and areas of the website that doesn’t promote affiliate products.

As you could imagine, there’s no benefit of adding Adsense to a review page on your blog because you’re trying to convince the visitor into buying the product; an ad, at this point, would send people away. Instead, use your Google Ads strategically on lower performing pages that still pull in ample amounts of traffic but don’t necessarily add to the greater value of the website.

For example: A website focused around laptops would have reviews that could earn great commissions through the proper affiliate programs but this site would also host a wide variety of content that could just be simple tips and tricks for laptop usage; these “lower quality” pages (in terms of revenue potential) are the prime spot to integrate Google Adsense into your affiliate business.

The ease of joining the Adsense platform removes the resistance for finding products worthy of promotion on the lower quality information-based web pages. The automatic nature of delivering ads also frees up your time from needing to constantly monitor and update older pages for specific affiliate programs that may have dried up.

Competition? Yes. Driving away visitors? Potentially. However, Adsense has many other opportunities in your affiliate business; take a look …

Revive Dying Websites with Adsense

The dead shall walk again!

Affiliate marketers love the idea of niche websites that are specifically focused around a single product, niche or industry. The problem with niching down too far is that the main product promotion can begin to lose interest for the visitors and no longer convert because of outdated information.

On niche websites, much of your information is concrete and evergreen (if done right); your website doesn’t have to fail with the affiliate program which is where Adsense comes in.

You can morph an older niche website into a new profit stream by adding Adsense to your list of revenue sources when adding ad blocks to your websites. These niche websites already have traffic and small communities so go ahead and gain extra money after the affiliate earnings dry up.

If anything, you can use Adsense to help pay for web hosting and domain costs throughout the year while you patiently wait for a bigger and better affiliate program or product to come along to add to your niche websites.

Turn the Tables: Competitor Research

A trick that I don’t see too many webmasters talk about all too often is leveraging Google Adsense as a way to research industries.

Businesses that are dropping money on Adsense ads (especially banners) are telling you that there is money to be made. The other benefit is that we don’t have to spend hours of our lives doing research into all of the companies out there; Adsense will reveal them to you.

With your affiliate business, combined with Adsense, you can begin to pull together a swipe file on advertising copy and images that are effective. You can then take your swipe file and begin to integrate it into your own affiliate business.

One trick that I personally enjoy doing is to “train” visitors to look in certain areas of the website where they could expect ads but replace the Adsense code with my own, linking to an affiliate program or product that has similar features, benefits and even ad copy.

Running Adsense on your website for a month can reveal years of research from the larger companies; all of which can be integrated into your own campaigns.

Expose Advertising Opportunities

Reveal the opportunities.

Google Adsense, as they say, is a great way to make pennies a day (for the most of us, that is). Unless your content is about topics that have high paying ads – you’re not getting much for the clicks. However, the ads showing on your website can be used to directly contact individual companies with opportunities to advertise on your website.

Fire up an email and send one out to the owner or marketing department of the businesses that are showing up on your Google Adsense. Offer these businesses prime real estate on your website in the form of a banner ad.

The fact that you know businesses pay for Adsense (often, a lot), lets you know that they want to advertise on the web but haven’t necessarily done their homework to find niche communities that will give them a greater return. With this tactic, you’re doing the research for them so both parties win.

You gain a recurring advertisement on your website and the company gets in front of the community they’re seeking. In the future, you could even approach this company to be included in their affiliate program to which you then switch out the Adsense and banner ads for your own affiliate links.

The Sandbox Approach

No, not sandbox as in getting your website dumped but the real thing – were you played with your toys and tried out new things.

Adsense, as mentioned, is extremely easy to setup and integrate into an existing website which makes it all the more attractive for testing purposes. A month of split testing affiliate advertising vs. Google Adsense could actually reveal that some of your projects are either under performing or simply do better with Adsense.

With enough websites out there, you can develop multiple streams of income when you integrate Adsense into your affiliate business; you’re not “giving up” but just simply trying new things.

It’s worth giving it a run for its money (literally), tracking everything and making an intelligent decision after the numbers are in. Who knows, maybe it’s a perfect fit?