There are many different types of people that call themselves affiliate marketers but only a select few has what it takes to turn their work into not just a full-time income but head-turning practices that sets them above the rest, which we call: super affiliates.

We interviewed a few of these super affiliates and pried as much information as we could that you can use in your own affiliate marketing.

Steve Scott says …

Steve Scott

Q1: What has been the most substantial action you’ve taken to get where you are today?

Build an email list.  There is a reason why many “affiliate marketing gurus” recommend list building.  An email list is an asset.  You can use it to make money AND stay in touch with your audience members.  So whenever you want to know “what to write about” or “what offer to promote,” you can set up a poll and your subscribers will tell you what they want.

Q2: What’s one tactic that you’ve found to be highly neglected by the affiliate community?

Squeeze pages.  This is the tool that I’ve used to build up large email lists.  Most affiliate marketers know how to create content and write review pages.  But they don’t take the time to focus on getting a massive amount of subscribers.

What’s made a difference in my affiliate business is directing the majority of my web traffic towards a squeeze page.  As a result, I’ve managed to generate over 200,000 subscribers in a few short years.

Q3: What action would you recommend for new affiliate marketers to make the most of their time?

Start building a list.  Focus your entire affiliate business on getting people to subscribe to it.

Steve Scott is a prolific blogger and six-figure affiliate marketer; he continually releases a massive array of free downloads and ebooks on his website,