Today’s post is going to be a short but important one.

The FTC’s 16 CFR § 255.5 (you can read it, here) states that affiliates are required to disclose their relationship whenever a product or service is being promoted. By doing so it keeps within the guidelines so that individuals may understand your angle and make an informed opinion about the endorsement.

Essentially: You need to let people know that you are affiliating with the product.

Failing to provide this disclosure can land you in legal troubles.

I found a great article over on that places a few guidelines for disclosure such as:

  • Placing the word “Ad” or “Sponsored” within the copy when posting to social channels
  • Leading with #Ad or #Sponsored on channels like Twitter
  • Mentioning whether the content is sponsored by placing a statement before or after
  • Including (sponsored link) after you share a link in a piece of content
  • Using (Affiliate Link) before or after the inclusion of an affiliate link
  • Adding an Affiliate Disclosure page to your website

The simple work around for making sure you stay in line with the guidelines can be done so by (as mentioned) including a disclaimer whether it’s an ad, sponsored piece, or that you are an affiliate.

The site (among others) offer generators that can create affiliate disclosure pages and produce code (you can copy and paste) for free.

All this may not be the most exciting piece of content you’ll read today but it is very important. Do not jeopardize the viability of your business by failing to create a simple page or taking the extra two seconds to disclose your relationship.