Hold on, we know that these kind of headlines sound a bit ridiculous at some times. Especially if you’re just starting out and trying to make some income from your affiliate sites…

When someone says that you can make as much as $23k in a single day you start to be a little cautious, to say the least.

And that’s okay.

But the truth is that some people do make that kind of money on a consistent basis. Another thing is that they do use specific tools to make it happen. Quite simply, an affiliate without tools does not have much chance of making it in this business.

That’s why the thing we have for you today is just that – a great piece of affiliate tools – new product from Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones called the Affiliate Launcher.

What’s Affiliate Launcher?

In a sentence: it’s a complete set of tools that will find a profitable niche for you, pick keywords that are worth targeting, launch a PPC campaign, create a landing page for the campaign, and track your performance.

In plain English, Affiliate Launcher is just like the name says – it lets you launch a completely new affiliate business in any niche you want. All using one set of tools.

The best part is that you can do it over and over again, and create campaigns in multiple niches and markets.

The Key to Success: Repetition

Every affiliate knows that there are basically two stages of running an affiliate business: (1) you have to pick a niche and create an affiliate site, and then (2) you have to manage your presence and constantly improve over time.

The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time if you attempt to do everything by hand. Selecting niches, picking keywords, launching sites and campaigns takes time. And then managing your existing sites takes even more time.

The true power of Affiliate Launcher is that you can use it to do the setup part really really quickly. And because of this, you can be launching new campaigns every day. Imagine how much would that help you and speed your work up…

Let’s go over some of the main elements of Affiliate Launcher.

Finding a Niche and Selecting a Product

This is the first stage of every setup for a new affiliate business. If you don’t choose the right niche you can forget about any good results.

Finding products and niches on your own can be tricky. You can never be sure that a product is actually profitable and that it’ll be popular among your site’s audience.

Affiliate Launcher can help you with that. The software can reverse engineer the hottest markets and find the most valuable products (from an affiliate standpoint).

It’s not just a reformatted product browser. What you get is an advanced piece of software taking into account various product stats and characteristics. You’ll get info on which products are most popular, which have been rising or declining, and how long each product has been on the market. Most importantly, the data is always fresh.

One additional feature is that Affiliate Launcher evaluates each product page for you – things like analyzing the copy, the graphics, additional promotional materials, etc.

Picking the Best Keywords

Many affiliate programs provide a list of keywords you can target through PPC. The only problem with such keywords is that they rarely work…

And it’s not even surprising. Just think about it … if every affiliate uses the same keywords list then no wonder that the results are not shockingly great, so to speak.

Affiliate Launcher provides a great keyword tool that will take your seed keyword and get back to you with a list of profitable keywords that are unique to your criteria and requirements.

More than that, Affiliate Launcher ranks the keywords and tells you which ones are trending on AdWords right now (which ones are the most profitable).

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Launching PPC Campaigns

Launching campaigns on AdWords is not exactly difficult, but it’s not exactly quick either…

You need to set aside a solid amount of time if you want to do everything by hand and make sure that there are no problems with your campaigns. OR. You can set aside a solid amount of money and hire someone to get it done for you. Either way … not the perfect approach.

Affiliate Launcher lets you generate ads optimized for AdWords. It will go through the most popular ads on the internet, analyze them, and let you clone ones that bring the best results.

On top of that, Affiliate Launcher takes care of managing multiple campaigns at once and letting you know which keywords and ads work best. You can check which ones generate the best conversion rates, or which ones don’t work at all.

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Generating Landing Pages Automatically

There are three ways of creating a quality landing page. You can either: (1) hire a professional designer, (2) be a professional designer yourself, or (3) use a piece of software to generate the landing page for you.

As you’d probably imagine the last approach is the one we’re going to cover here.

Among other things, Affiliate Launcher is a powerful landing page generation software. You just have to input the basic characteristics of the landing page you want to create and then everything happens automatically. As the result you get a fully optimized PPC landing page.

The difficulty with landing pages is that they have to be in tune with Google’s policies and requirements. Affiliate Launcher is up-to-date with all the rules, that’s why it creates truly exceptional landing pages.

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Tracking Your Performance

No matter how good you’re doing you can always improve your results… The only problem is how to do it?

That’s yet another thing Affiliate Launcher can help you with. First of all, the tool uses a custom tracking code that gets included in your landing page automatically. This piece of code lets Affiliate Launcher gather various data about your landing page’s performance.

This data gets processed and then displayed to you in an easily understandable form. You can see which keywords and sources of traffic generate sales (right down to each ad group and keyword). On top of that, Affiliate Launcher also tracks opt-ins.

Learn more about Affiliate Launcher’s Tracking Tools

Doing it Again and Again

The true strength of top affiliates is the ability to repeat the above tasks in a short period of time for a completely new market and niche.

If you want to do it by hand it can take you weeks, but with Affiliate Launcher it only takes minutes (or hours, tops).

To be honest, nothing can make you rich overnight … not even this tool. The fact remains that it’s still a tool, and it’s up to you to use it properly.

The creators of the software are making $23,563 a day, and other success stories are not far off. This proves only one thing – that there’s some big potential. It’s not a promise, though, so keep that in mind.

What You’ll Get

When you decide to sign up for Affiliate Launcher you get unlimited access to the software, the possibility to create unlimited campaigns, and lifetime access to any upgrades that come along over time.

The price tag for all this is $77 (monthly payment). Not much at all, isn’t it? One more thing … there’s a 60-day money back guarantee, just in case.

In the end, our verdict on Affiliate Launcher is “5 stars – very good.”