The affiliate manager is there to help you, the affiliate, promote to the best of your ability.

When you work with an affiliate manager you’ll find many great benefits:

  • What’s working
  • What’s not
  • What’s hot
  • What’s cold

… and so forth.

It takes a lot of the guess work out of affiliate marketing because they have a great amount of data; this data can help you realign your promotions to hit the right, targeted individuals with the right promos.

Each year affiliate marketing changes so it’s important that you go ahead and take the time to figure out what to expect. The easiest way to do this is by asking the affiliate manager.

Here are some of those questions worth asking:


Q1: Did you (and can you share) any important trends about 2014?

Trends usually follow that of the previous year so if you can figure out what’s working in the previous you are likely to guess a good part of the next.

The affiliate manager should be able to dig up this important data to find out which offers were gaining the highest traffic & conversion spikes (not just what’s displayed on the network) so that you may adjust the campaigns with the appropriate changes for this next year.

Example: Offer X saw a large spike the last month due to the holiday season and since it’s evergreen you can make plans to do a similar set of promotions the following holiday season.

Q2: What do you feel are the major promotional contenders for 2015?

There is a good amount of information you cannot pick up from being an affiliate because you’re not in direct connection with those creating the offers you promote.

The affiliate manager has generally been on long enough that they can pick up on what’s hot at the beginning of the year (and often throughout the rest) based on their experience and set of data.

Ask them about what they would hop on and you could find your next, hot offer to promote.


Q3: Which social streams/mobile activities are driving the most traffic?

Social (and mobile) are going to be, likely, your major sources of traffic in 2015 because so much of it has shifted to smartphones and other devices (like tablets) this year.

Knowing which platforms are driving the majority of traffic (and which are falling out of favor) can greatly change how you approach your traffic & lead generation in the new year so it’s well worth asking what the affiliate program/marketplace has found to be the new trend.

Likely it will continue to be Facebook and Twitter but there are always new social & mobile platforms being created so it’s worth entertaining the idea if it’s showing a promising ROI.


Q4: Can you put me in contact with [individual]?

Though this question is very situational it’s here because it would be worthwhile to get in touch with those that create the products/services that you’ll be promoting in 2015 so that you may ask them the important questions (and receive feedback) on what’s happening in the new year.

By knowing what is to be planned about the offers you’re promoting you will be able to sit down and create a new strategy for the new year. A major change to a major promotion can effect everything you do so it’s well worth asking if you (and the manager) can sit down with the individual (or business) to discuss items that pertain to the matter.


What questions are you asking your affiliate manager for 2015?