You’ve entered a store, money in your pocket, an innate itch that you need to buy something.

You mosey down the aisles, you look at the product packaging, you read a review, and find what you’re looking for. You walk up to the cashier, make the purchase, and the sale is done.

What I’ve described is universal: the sales process.

The example I shared may have projected a physical location but the experience is shared online.

Particularly, the affiliate marketing funnel takes the traditional sales funnel and pumps it with steroids, opens the spout, and creates an everlasting flow of sales.


The Affiliate Marketing Funnel in Detail

The sales (read: affiliate marketing) funnel contains the following actions:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Commitment

Can you spot how the story, from the beginning, follows these actions?

At the top of the funnel is your marketing campaign.

Your campaigns are ultimately used to drive sales but the first step of the process is merely building awareness around your brand, products, or services.

Example: You use content marketing, through your blog, to write reviews, tutorials, and publish white papers which makes you a rising player within your market.

The user begins to show interest in your offer once you have the attention of the individual.

Example: Your ad copy is compelling from the headline to the body – it has their attention because it speaks to them.

Your website copy, design, and unique selling point are all factors that are evaluated on whether a purchase is warranted when the user clicks on your ad and lands on your sales page.

Example: You display various products set at different price levels which gives visitors a selection while not overwhelming them in the purchase decision.

Last, the lead commits to purchase your product and the transaction is done.

Example: You have the right product, at the right price, and caught them at the right time so the decision is practically made for them; the transaction is seemless.

But this is where things get good …


The Finer Details of the Affiliate Process

In sales, most valuable forms of increasing sales come from referrals and repeat customers. However, affiliate marketing has an added edge. The easiest way to understand how affiliate marketing works effectively is that products and services can be promoted by affiliates which may be the very same customers from a previous transaction.

Inclusion of an affiliate program, within a business, opens the mouth of the affiliate funnel without limits. Each new affiliate expands the reach of the marketing campaign while allowing the business to refine their funnel to increase conversions, handle customer support, and further improve repeat business.

Does this give you a greater idea of the affiliate marketing funnel? Ask a question and we’ll be sure to give them the proper answer!