One of the biggest problems with being an affiliate marketer is the fact that you must continue to change the way you do business in order to stay in competition. The reasoning for this has greatly been search engine changes on behalf of Google but more so by the fact that society is changing, as a whole.

In the past, it was easy to slap together a landing page, offer a product, buy a bit of advertising, and call it a day, but the game is changing and it’s no longer enough to cover the basics.

In fact, the only true way you’re going to be success with affiliate marketing is if you’re willing to shake the system and venture into your own category – your own brand.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the actions you should take, as an affiliate marketer, if you wish to keep an edge on your competition and make an actual mark on the industry (than just playing the normal game which gets you nowhere).

Hey Marketers, Stop Playing by Their Rules

Don’t: Follow every guide.

Guides can be extremely resourceful but all information becomes dated which means a lack of commitment and implementation means all that time spent learning something new is just going to waste.

Do: Build your skills with experience.

Nothing quite beats real world experience. Like learning to swim, you could tip-toe into the shallow end or dive head first into the deep. The best way to shake up the system is to learn and develop your skills based on real world projects and ventures. You’ll learn a lot more from the mistakes and revelations you make along the way than any guide can teach you.

When you follow guides – you play by the rules set by the teacher. Use guides as a starting point but expand beyond the coverage by putting the information into action – then develop your own strategies.

Redefining Affiliate Marketing: The Game Changers

Here are three things that will disrupt the industry:

  • Learning to code – Having a general interest in the technologies which allow the Web to work is a healthy obsession that will give marketers a skillset beyond any other in their field. Learning to code not only gives you the ability to create your own websites, apps, or business tools, but it also trains your mind for problem solving which, as you know, is very important since solving a problem reveals many potential product and services ideas.
  • Adopting a freelance position – Sure, your goals with affiliate marketer may greatly revolve around earning income through affiliate promotions but don’t forget that everything you know is a very in-demand skill for many small businesses. You understand how to get setup online, how to promote a product, cultivate a community, and other vital skills – adopting a freelance position not only lets you aid small businesses but you’ll find a great reward for your selling your services when you have the right client. Plus, working closely with an up-and-comer has long-term benefits especially if the business expands.
  • Test your skills in a different industry – Far too many marketers allow their ego to overinflate because they are showing signs of success in their work. More often than not, its affiliate marketers within the affiliate marketing, make money online, or blogging niche. Ask yourself: if my skills are so good, than I should be successful in other industries, right? Put it to the test – try working in a different industry, apply what you know, and measure how effective your strategy truly is. Very few marketers go outside their comfort zone. By doing this, it will reveal flaws in your strategy but also reveal what you’re truly good at.

Give ‘em a shot. Each are solid investments into your skill set and affiliate marketing education. Knowing and doing just one of these will already allow you to shake up the system.

Say Bye-Bye to the Competition and Roadblocks

Affiliate marketing can be a tough nut to crack.

There are constant changes to affiliate networks, rules set down by the government, sweeping changes to online platforms – plus, a diverse consumer culture which hops interest on a moment’s notice.

The affiliate marketers that may seem successful, today, have to constantly push their work and latch onto temporary solutions but, in the end, they hit a wall. Why? Because they following the rules – they make a splash of success but they haven’t done enough to expand their skills and experience so their business has a long-term prospect.

On the flip side, it’s highly recommend that you begin to shake up the industry by treating your affiliate marketing business … as a business. You should reinvest into the project whether it’s expanding your skills, budgeting for asset acquisition, or finding alternative income sources using your current knowledge.

A smart marketer knows how to skirt the edges but a wealthy marketer can predict the future and make the shift so they’re in the right place at the right time – to do this, you must make your own rules.