Digging through blog posts about affiliate marketing, you’ll generally hear one big mantra: get a website!

In today’s article, we’re going to do something different – I’ll be sharing how to start an affiliate business WITHOUT a website.

How to start an affiliate business (without the website)

A website gives you the ultimate control over your online campaigns and flexibility when building an affiliate business but you don’t necessarily need to invest your time and resources into learning the setup and managing your website.

In fact, there are many great options for earning affiliate commissions without the aid of a site.

How so? Here are five methods we recommend:

  • Guest Blogging. Skip over the whole ‘owning your own website’ angle by tapping into already existing large communities through guest blogging. With this approach, you have the ability to use content to send people directly to an affiliate page without adding the extra step of landing them on your own site.
  • eProduct Creation. Create an amazingly resourceful guide to a common problem and package it in an eBook, video series, or audio podcast. Use the social web (Twitter, Facebook, etc) to do direct sales with interested parties. Publish your work on existing platforms like the Amazon marketplace or sell it through Clickbank and other affiliate networks.
  • Active Forum Participation. People buy from people they trust; with the web, it really comes down to being active within communities – forums are perfect for this goal. Your activity in forums can build a following when you begin to make a name for yourself. The addition of an affiliate link through recommendations and your forum signature is all you need to start pulling in some great commissions.
  • Article Marketing. Like guest blogging, here you’ll be using websites like eZineArticles, Hubpages, and Squidoo as your platform for landing affiliate commissions. These websites have millions of daily visitors – something that’s hard to say for your own site – so tap into them and create something great!
  • Craigslist. Although it’s frowned upon, you can certainly still earn affiliate commissions through Craigslist by offering up solutions that help people discover great products. You could respond to people’s inquiries with email marketing content and drive them to affiliate pages.

All-in-all, it’s certainly possible to use these alternative ways to make money online but truth-be-told: a website is still your best option.

You can certainly give these strategies a shot but we also recommend that you take the time to get your own site – in fact, we’ll help you with our free website building service – it takes the hassle out of getting started plus you can always implement these strategies on the side.