Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project.

The five I will cover include:

  • Resource pages
  • In-Depth reviews
  • Checklist
  • Translations
  • Printouts

Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that you use them, they trust you, and so they are likely to give them a shot.

Include each of one of these within your niche project work and you will certainly see an increase to your income within longevity of the efforts; here is what you need to know about…


Making money with printouts

Printouts are fantastic at earning affiliate income (much like checklists which can be included in this topic) but there are some challenges (explained later down).

There are quite a few different types of printouts you could provide to the community:

  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks
  • Full ebooks
  • Templates
  • Cut-outs

… and many more.

These are very valuable because there are many of us that want to enjoy content without the constant distraction that comes with the Web. It’s also nice to have something such as a worksheet next to you as you work through a problem versus going back and forth between tabs.

Where the affiliate potential comes in is through the branding.

Each of these printouts should have your logo and website address; this way every time it’s shared among your niche bloggers and social media types it will drive interest to your site in which you could funnel these individuals to an appropriate landing page.

It also presents the opportunity to grow your list since you could offer them if someone submits their email; the same can be done through a social share. It’s about that branding.

As far as the challenges go the main one will be getting the individual to type in the affiliate URL. To lower the friction of having them do this I would recommend you use URL shortening services or redirects for your website that are extremely easy to input.

All that’s needed to be done is this:

  • Create the document in a word processor (or whatever program you prefer)
  • Save the item in a common format such as PDF or JPEG
  • Upload the file to your server or to an external file sharing service
  • Link to the piece

Pretty simple, right? You could actually do these kind of print-outs for just about every type of piece you publish. You could include a printable worksheet to go along with the tutorial, for example.

In short: Consider the offline potential your work has when it’s constantly in front of an individual. Know that many prefer to read content later on without distraction from the Net. Give them the options. Include a few links that point to landing pages while you’re at it and you’ve got a money-maker.



Printouts, like checklists, gives someone a physical item they can mount on their wall, stick to the side of their computer, document into their physical filings, or have it next to them as they work through the topic.

Understand that we all have different learning types; by providing people with physical copies of your work (or marketing materials) they may have an easier time absorbing the message.

The best part of it all is that you not only create a documented process that aids in better understanding of your business (for yourself) but they are extremely easy to create once you have the information pooled and packaged. There’s really no loss in providing printouts for your audience plus it gives them additional value which other competitors may not have to offer.


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