Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project.

The five I will cover include:

  • Resource pages
  • In-Depth reviews
  • Checklist
  • Translations
  • Printouts

Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that you use them, they trust you, and so they are likely to give them a shot.

Include each of one of these within your niche project work and you will certainly see an increase to your income within longevity of the efforts; here is what you need to know about…


Making money with resource pages

A resource page is one in which you list the normal, readily used resources used in your niche; by doing so you attract attention to these resources, affiliated of course, which works as a whole because they are collected all in one place.

Here is an example you may have seen before listed on a resource page:

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Site Builders
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing

This would be what you would find for those sites that frequently talk about building websites (obviously). Because they are an all in one, curated selection a person could go through the list and select one of each, purchase/subscribe, and reach an overall goal.

The goal is the main thing to think about in this situation – it’s being able to obtain (or go beyond) what you have already shown.

The goal is to deliver the idea that if you choose to invest in at least one of the resources from the main categories you are going to have everything needed to start in that niche. You aren’t giving them a run for their money because these are the actual ones you can whole-heartedly recommend.

But to truly begin earning additional income from your work you will want to up-sell individuals on these resources; the starter versions of the products/services will earn but the real money is if they invest toward the premium packages.

Let’s say, for example, you were to promote website hosting. You could earn a small commission if they were to sign up to one of the many hosting providers for just a few months but if you plant that seed that they should do at least a year or more you earn a higher commission up-front.

Once you have all these resources collected in one location it’s a matter of getting it known by displaying it like you would a promotion:

  • Sidebar
  • Bottom of the post
  • Inter-linking
  • Email/forum signature
  • Sharing it on social media

It’s one of those pages when someone lands on the site they could check through your top posts, read through a great amount of content, and then jump to the page because they have said “yes” to the ideas you have covered through your work.

In short: Take a look at what you frequently use within your niche in order to make it a successful project, list these items and why you use them (bonus if you link to a review), and then be sure to include additional/premium options.



The resource page becomes a hybrid page with recommendations and reviews. When you show results for your work people are naturally interested in the tools and resources. By collecting them all in one location you increase the chance of multiple conversions because people may want to buy “the package” and skip the hassle of hunting own the alternatives.

Overall, it’s one of the easiest money pages to put together for your website that will continue to drive leads to the affiliate promotions. If you don’t have one then consider creating on this afternoon. Make a new page on your site which categorizes all the tools, services, and products that allow your business to generate a revenue and you’ll certainly have people interested and looking into buying those items.


Image by Markgraf-Ave