Affiliate marketing as a career is getting more and more popular every year. Especially in the time of recession like we’re witnessing right now. The obvious fact is that affiliate marketing is most developed in the US, but international affiliates can also choose from many interesting programs to include on their websites or as part of their advertising campaigns.

In this article we’re going to focus on the UK based affiliates and the programs tailor-made specifically for them.

General affiliate programs and networks

First of all, we have to explain that major networks like Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction have nothing against sending their bank checks or transferring money abroad. So every UK based affiliate can easily sign up and promote various offers to international audiences and the US customer base as well.

However, when it comes to Clickbank, the checks will take some time to arrive and then be cashed. So if you live in the UK and decide to promote any of their offers you have to get ready to wait up to even two months before you see the money you’ve earned today.

This can be one of the reasons to look for some UK based affiliate networks and programs. Ones that can pay you in pounds, and do it in a bit quicker.

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is one of the largest networks in the UK and an award-winning affiliate marketing company. When you look at the footer of their website you can see the range of different awards the company managed to get during the last few years.

The company handles over 750 merchants falling into a number of different categories, including: finance and insurance, retail and shopping, travel, education, dating, and many more. It’s also the place to visit if you want to promote offers by some big recognizable brands like: Vodafone, Toys”R”Us, Dixons, and others.


ClixGalore is a rather large affiliate network consisting of five main branches: US, UK, Japan, Australia, and India. In total they serve over 7500 merchants and work with tens of thousands of affiliates around the world. What’s worth mentioning right from the get go is that affiliates get paid monthly via PayPal which speeds the whole process a lot.

When you navigate to the merchant search section of their website you’ll see that there are hundreds of programs available for UK affiliates and paying out in pounds. The offers fall into all major categories like: education, health, dating, travel, shopping, real estate, and more. Each offer can be promoted by using multiple marketing tools provided by the network (banners, text ads, etc.). There’s even a webpage generator for those affiliates without any web development background.


TradeDoubler was originally founded in Sweden in1999. Since then they’ve expanded their field of operation to 18 different European markets. TradeDoubler’s reach is estimated at 69% of total European online audience through various publisher networks.

After joining 140,000 other affiliates you will work with local UK publisher support, which can help you to monetize your website and optimize your campaigns. There are over 2,000 big brand advertisers whose offers you can choose and promote to your audiences. The payments are made monthly, and you also get to use an advanced tracking and reporting system.


Zanox is one of the leaders among Europe’s affiliate networks. After signing up as an affiliate you will be able to choose offers coming from around 3,800 advertisers, including some major brands like: Orange, Neckermann, T-Mobile,, and more.

Some important details about Zanox’s services: You can get paid in any currency of your choosing. You get a hotline you can call during the day. You can use their tracking system or integrate your own. You also get direct access to all statistical data via an API, not to mention the reporting features and all the standard things you can find in other networks.


AffiliateFuture is a really simple and straightforward place to go for some interesting affiliate offers. You get paid once a month, get to use their affiliate platform to manage your campaigns and look at the real-time tracking and reporting tools.

There’s a big range of merchants and markets to choose from, mostly targeted towards affiliates aiming at niche audiences as there are not many big name brands. Like most other affiliate networks, you can join for free.

Some additional networks and programs you might want to consider: Paid On Results, High Profits, affilinet,

Feel free to share your opinion and let us know what your experiences with UK based affiliate programs are. Do you find them profitable, or is it better to focus on sites like Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction?