Even though it’s May, it’s surely not too soon to start preparing your back-to-school campaigns. We all know that the faster you set your affiliate sites up to provide quality products the better results you can expect.

What follows is a list of 8 products you should consider promoting to the audience of teachers and educators.

The lists consists of products from a couple of different areas. You have to remember that teachers are interested not only in strictly educational products, but also things related to productivity, stress reduction, and time management.

Classroom Discipline 101

Classroom discipline is very often a serious problem for teachers worldwide. If they get some tough students, conducting class becomes next to impossible. Classroom Discipline 101 is an e-book written by a veteran teacher and classroom management expert Craig Saganti.

The affiliate program:

  • 50% commissions,
  • $17 per sale.

There are some banners and graphics available, to help you promote.

Making Math More Fun

The main problem with teaching math is that it’s by no means fun. Making Math More Fun is a package of games (board games, print and play games, card games, and other game ideas) that may come handy to every teacher during class.

The affiliate program:

  • 50% commissions,
  • $12 per sale.

There’re affiliate tools available (mainly banner ads).

Math Riddle Worksheet Book

Another math-related product, but this time it’s about practice worksheets that can be exciting. The product consists of two elements: Math Riddle Book and Secret Code Math. They are both downloadable e-books that contain printable worksheets.

The affiliate program:

  • 50% commissions,
  • $7.50 per sale.

There’s a handful of banners available, to help you promote.

Real Translator Jobs

You can promote this product to show your audience an additional way of making money on the side. Teachers are usually confident about their skills, so they might be interested in some translator jobs.

The affiliate program:

  • 70% commissions,
  • $19 per sale.

Plus, there’s a range of upsells and downsells, which makes it possible to earn as much as $91.50 per sale. There’s also an additional $100 bonus for all new affiliates.

The Forgotten Laws

This product is targeted towards everyone interested in the law of attraction. However, promoting it among teachers might be profitable because people in this line of work often search for new opportunities in life.

The affiliate program:

  • 50% commissions,
  • $30 per sale.

There are additional recurring commissions, and some affiliate tools available (banners, guides, and more).

Shyness And Social Anxiety System

This product helps people to overcome shyness and cure social anxiety, something a teacher can be particularly interested in.

The affiliate program:

  • 75% commissions,
  • $19 per sale.

Plus, there are some banners, articles, and email promos you can use in your campaigns.

Panic Away

Stress is very common to teachers in their everyday work. This is a product that can help them to fight it.

The affiliate program:

  • 58% commissions,
  • $42 per sale.

There are recurring commissions, $1 trial, and some affiliate tools you can use.

The Action Machine

Time management is often something teachers struggle with. This product can help them get organized and do their everyday job more effectively.

The affiliate program:

  • 60% commissions,
  • $25 per sale.

There’s a nice package of affiliate tools including: email copy, videos, action lists, and graphics.