It’s very easy to get started in podcasting (with costs as little as $100) but one question that’s probably on your mind is …

How do I make money from the podcast”?

The audio format is great for engaging your audience on a new media but the restriction comes from the fact that you can’t promote affiliate links as you would in a written post.

Links are easy to share but what happens when it’s in audio format?

How can you create engagement and get people over to your offers?

There IS a way to work in your affiliate promotions.

The best way to do this is through the following:

1. Create landing pages for your email lists, reviews, and resources

2. Create short links for each of these main pages

3. Mention your short links throughout your podcast when the time is right

Having the short link will make it easier for your listener to find your best Web pages and, hopefully, convert when they make their way over.

A smart marketer know how to plan their podcast content to tie into these resources and valuable Web pages so keep them in mind when you’re writing the script for your audio.

One final thing: transcribe and share your podcast as a new blog post so regular readers can follow along and find clickable links within the notes.

There you have it – easy podcasting money.

All it takes a mention and you’re good to go for making passive income with this media.