When it comes to building landing pages, you have plenty of options. You can learn to design and code yourself, or outsource to another company. The problem with learning how to design and code yourself, is that this can take years to master and a ton of time that you probably don’t have. If you are going to hire a designer or look to outsource your landing pages every time you want to create a new campaign, well this can take a lot of time and money as well… not to mention the annoyances of having to wait on your designer and update them with changes.

One of the better solutions out there is using a WordPress theme called Affiliate Theme. The theme was created with one simple concept in mind, making it easy for affiliate to create niche landing pages for their ad campaigns, without the need to know how to design or code pages.

Let’s take a deeper look into Affiliate Theme and why it might be an excellent solution for you.

Creating Landing Pages with WordPress

Ever since WordPress came out a few years ago, it’s been spreading like wild fire. When it was first released it was used for simple blogging sites, but now it’s one of the most powerful and customizable content management solutions out there… and best of all, it’s free! WordPress is recommended by many site owners and affiliate marketers because it allows them to easily schedule their original content on blogs, and also customize the look and feel of their sites to anything imaginable.

Affiliate Theme was created with one simple concept in mind, create killer landing pages with ease, while still using the WordPress platform that everyone knows how to use and loves. The theme is also packed with a ton of features and easy to use settings which allows you to install the theme, then customize whatever you like right through the widgets and theme options area.

Using Niche Theme Designs

As mentioned earlier, creating landing pages with a specific design or theme in mind is what many average affiliate marketers will struggle with. Affiliate Theme was built with six different niche themes that you can choose from.

These niche skins are designed for web hosting, dating, travel, weight loss, shopping and credit card focused landing pages and designs. You can view working examples of all the niche themes on their site.

Affiliate Theme Costs and Packages

There are three different packages for the Affiliate Theme. The standard package is $77 and includes all of the basics, which includes five niche skins, six unique page templates, support and ten bonus niche header graphics. For the advanced users there is also a premium package at $97, which includes 50 niche header graphics, and for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with installing the theme and WordPress software themselves, there is a deluxe package at $147.

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