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  • ClickTale

    ClickTale is a powerful website analytics program that lets you Study movies of how people really interact with your website. It's like watching over their shoulder as they move their cursor around and hover over links and click them or not See how far down your web page people are scrolling which helps you to know whether to make your pages shorter or longer Find out if people hesitate over links before clicking them - which means you can identify problem links that are not getting instant clicks. ClickTale in other words will help you optimise your landing pages fast and easily and can maximise the conversion rate of any forms you are using.

  • Quantcast

    Enter in a website URL, and Quantcast will help you to understand the user demographics, traffic rankings, and everything you need to know about the website visitors. Highly recommended!


    Want to know what your competitor's traffic is like? Compete lets you compare up to three websites and understand their monthly traffic rankings so you can stay ahead of the game

  • Crazy Egg

    A new approach to analytics - CrazyEgg actually lets you see what your visitors are doing when they come to your site. This tool is excellent for data junkies, as it uses a heatmap to track where your visitors are clicking on your website, unlike other tools that only allow you to see when they click links.

  • StatsRemote

    StatsRemote is the best and easiest way to check the statistics of your affiliate programs, credit card processors and pay per click search engines. There is no need to manually login to each stats area anymore as this software does it all for you whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • AffMeter

    Affmeter pro is not only a statistics tool but also a revenue analysis Tool where you can compare revenue in different time periods or only monitor customised merchants