Affiliate Window – the top performance marketing network (affiliate network) in the UK (close to 2,000 advertisers) has just announced that they’re launching a US version of their platform for both advertisers and publishers.

The company plans to use their experience, software solutions and techniques to provide quality service to US-based partners.

Affiliate Window is surely aiming at providing a first league solution right from day one, which will be able to compete with companies that have been on the US market for a long time.

Here’s what Mark Walters, president of Digital Window Inc had to say:

“The US market is advancing and the levels of sophistication of our advertiser and publisher partners require a platform capable of coping with those demands. New technology is supposed to make life easier, add value or deliver innovation and we hope our clients feel that the new platform delivers all three. Everything we do has these three elements in mind and ensures we are consistently reinventing what we know and what our partners need.”

What’s interesting about Affiliate Window and their platform is the partner directory they provide to users. The directory is browsable, consisting of detailed profiles of advertisers and publishers. That way every advertiser can recruit their own team of publishers based on their performance or other factors.

The structure of the platform itself and the goals Affiliate Window aims at make it clear that they want to provide an ultra-transparent environment where advertisers and publishers can create real relationships based on factual data.

Affiliate Window has already managed to attract some key brands in the US. Such as: Ticketmaster, British Airways, Skype, and TicketsNow. This is sure to help them attract others in the future.

What this means to US-based affiliates? Simply that there’s a new player on the map, and that they are surely worth checking out. If the company has managed to become the number one in the UK, they can be able to become one of the leaders in the US too. Let’s not forget that the two markets are not that different when it comes to the culture and the way of doing business.

If you’re searching for new opportunities for your affiliate business, Affiliate Window can be what you’re looking for. And since they’re just starting out in the US you can expect some exclusive promotions or other ways of attracting new users.

To start with Affiliate Window you can create a user account at: