If you’re somewhat new to the whole affiliate marketing world then there are many possible points of entry. For instance, you can simply sign up to Amazon affiliates and start promoting their products at 4% commissions. On the opposite pole, there’s getting a complete, full-blown affiliate marketing training program for upwards of $2,000, and then trying your luck with the biggest affiliate networks.

But if you just want to test the waters, so to speak, learn a few things and simply find out if affiliate marketing is something from which you can earn a living then there’s a lot simpler, cheaper, and (actually) better way – Affilorama.

In a sentence: Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program that also offers a range of tools and software for affiliates. However, that simple sentence is a massive understatement and it doesn’t even give a picture that’s half-complete.

Affilorama is about a lot more than just giving you a couple of hints here and there, and charging you money for it. First of all, the basic membership at Affilorama is free. Secondly, after you register you automatically become a part of a community that has been around for years.

Affilorama counts more than 150,000 people that are a part of it (users just like you). So whenever you need any help there’s always someone who can assist you if you just tune in to the online forum.

Such a number is impressive. Attracting over 150,000 people to a niche topic (no matter what we like to think, the general public still doesn’t have a clue what affiliate marketing is, which makes it pretty niche) means that the guys at Affilorama are surely doing something right. Let’s find out what it is.

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What If You’re Building Your Affiliate Business From the Ground Up?

Before we can tell you whether Affilorama is right for you or not let’s focus on some things you have to be careful with.

First of all, if someone says that you need to spend $2,000 for a course just to get started with affiliate marketing and hope for any results then they are lying. Affiliate marketing is a digital project, and none of it deals with expensive hardware or anything that would justify such prices.

Secondly, if someone says that you can be a millionaire tomorrow then they are lying, again (it’s most likely the same person). Just because someone else is making thousands of dollars every day doesn’t mean that you can be just like them in a week’s time. Let’s put it this way, Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat, NBA basketball) is making millions of dollars on his contract; do you think that you can sign up for Miami Heat next week and be making a similar amount of money? Exactly.

Affiliate marketing, even though giving tremendous possibilities to all people who just want to put in some work, requires skill and experience like every other line of career. The team at Affilorama seems to understand this perfectly. They provide training and tools, no “make millions tomorrow” headlines, just honest and accurate information.

Among the first things you’re exposed to when visiting Affilorama is their signup form (free membership). Jus by joining the community you get access to their forum, an extensive package of video lessons, and a set of free online tools.

The whole site is very beginner-oriented. They even give a set of lessons titled “Internet 101.” To be honest, we think that we’re kind of familiar with the internet per se, but even we have learned a thing or two from the Internet 101. Apart from that, there’s of course a section on getting started with affiliate marketing (explaining what affiliate marketing is and what the most popular ways of making money from it are).

All lessons at Affilorama are a combination of text and videos. The total video length is said to be at over 100 hours … that means a lot of catching up to do on your part, we’re afraid.

Among the topics taught at Affilorama you’ll find: market research, PPC, SEO, site building, marketing ideas, content creation, and there’s an additional section called “Guruviews,” which features interviews with successful affiliate marketers.

But this is just education, now let’s introduce you to some tools.

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affilorama offers a really wide range of those. Right now you can access the following for free: Text Formatter, Character Count, Text Wrapper Tool, Clickbank Earnings Calculator, Pagerank Checker, Domain Whois, URL Redirect Generator, Domain Location, Meta Tag Generator. To find out what you can use them for please visit http://www.affilorama.com.

Going back to the main question: is Affilorama right for you if you’re building your affiliate business from the ground up right now? The answer shouldn’t be a surprise to you… Affilorama is surely a program that will help you find success in your affiliate efforts.

Some main benefits: basic membership is free, you get access to over 100 hours of video lessons along with text lessons, there’s a massive community, and finally, there are free affiliate tools. What else do you need?

That being said, Affilorama wouldn’t be a serious business if there weren’t any paid products in store. Their flagship product is simply called Affilorama Premium, it’s available for $67 a month and you get a 60-day money back guarantee.

The premium package offers additional training on specific techniques of making money with affiliate marketing. As part of it, you’ll find: how to create a profitable affiliate blog, .gov and .edu site search tool (very valuable for SEO purposes), market strength analysis tool (so you don’t enter the wrong market), keyword suggestion tool, quality score checker for Google AdWords, PPC ad generator, article compare tool, website hosting (yes, not a typo), and many more affiliate tools.

We strongly believe that every affiliate who’s in the middle of building their business should have a dependable source of information and tools. Affilorama is exactly that. There’s no hype and not unrealistic promises. The simple truth is this: if you’re not willing to do any work nothing will make you rich. But if you are then sign up for Affilorama to find people who are keen to assist you in your journey.

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We’re curious to hear from current members of Affilorama. What has the program done for you so far? Can you share a success story of any kind?