Alternatives to Amazon's Affiliate Program for California AffiliatesIf you’re an affiliate marketer living in California, and you’ve been making good money from the Amazon Associates program, it’s likely you’re more than a little disappointed at the recent events in the state. And you’re probably scrambling to find alternative affiliate programs to participate in.

The California Nexus Tax, which we’ve discussed in several posts recently, recently caused Amazon to terminate its program in California and cancel the affiliate agreements of more than 25,000 affiliate marketers. If you’re one of those affiliates looking for an alternative to Amazon, you’ll certainly want to consider adding a new affiliate program, or programs, to your site.

It just doesn’t make sense to let that traffic go to waste, does it?

The challenge is that you’ll need to find a program that’s part of a big-box retailer, or a company that already has a real physical presence in California. Companies with a physical presence in the state have no way around paying this new tax. Thus, they have not cancelled the contracts of any of their affiliates.

If you’re looking for a program, I’ve pulled together six programs to check out. While none of them offer the wide selection and customer loyalty of Amazon, all of these programs would make good substitutes for Amazon on your site.

Barnes and Noble Affiliate Network – Barnes and Noble is the leading bookseller in North America. Their affiliate program pays 6 percent commission on books, DVDs, music and ebooks. Affiliate Program – is the closest thing you’ll find to Amazon. It has 9.5 million products in 20 major categories. The affiliate program is run through Linkshare.

Best Buy Partnership Program — Best Buy is a leading retailer of music, games, DVDs, electronics and appliances. Their affiliate program is run through Commission Junction.

WalMart Affiliate Program — WalMart is, well, WalMart. They’re the biggest brick and mortar retailer in the world. There must be something you can sell through their affiliate program, right? It’s administered through LinkShare.

Target Affiliate Program — Target is like WalMart, but cooler. However, be careful about their product selection. You might find that’s limited selection prevents you from earning as much commission as you should. Target’s affiliate program is run through the Google Affiliate Network.

Sears Affiliate Network — WalMart is what Sears used to be. Now Sears is the place where some people go to buy high-dollar products such as appliances or tools. But some people don’t go there at all. Sears’ affiliate program is also run through the Google Affiliate Network.

Check these programs out. I’m sure you’ll find that one, or several of them, will fit your needs well.

If you’re a California affiliate looking for new programs, please leave your comments below!