Being an affiliate for Amazon can be fun. There’s a lot of stuff to promote, and a wealth of information you can use to understand and sell the online superstore’s products through your website.

However, it can also be a challenge. This past summer, we’ve watched a battle in California over the Affiliate Nexus Tax, with Amazon pulling its affiliate program, known as the Amazon Associates Program, away from California affiliates. In addition, there can be stiff competition in some of Amazon’s categories, such as electronics, or low commissions that may cause an affiliate to wonder if the program is worth their time.

But regardless of the challenges, Amazon’s affiliate program is a great program for affiliate marketers. It’s easy to find great, popular products that people are searching for, and it’s easy to add Amazon links to your website. And if you build your site the right way, you can get a ton of SEO value from your website’s content. The trick is building your site, and creating your content, in the right way.

Today, I’m going to review six tips that will help you create great content for your website, content that will keep your readers happy and create good SEO for your site.

1) Use the obvious keywords
When you’re writing a product review, there are obvious keywords, such as the name and niche of a product. For instance, if you’re looking at Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Body, Ferris’ name, the title of the book, and the words “weight loss” are obvious keywords. Make sure you use these in the page title and article headline, then bold them in the body copy.

2) Also use the less-obvious keywords
For some products, the product name is enough. But people often search for “reviews” or “opinions” about a product before buying it. Combine these words and other relevant phases such as model numbers to make killer long tail keywords. Think of keywords such as “$4-Hour Body Reviews” or “Lego Space Shuttle 3367 Reviews.”

3) Make it shareable
People love to pass around content, particularly if it helps them make a decision about something they’re about to purchase. Make sure your readers can share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and a few social bookmarking tools. If you’re using WordPress, check out the AddThis for WordPress plugin.

4) Be objective
When you’re writing a product review, don’t try to sell too hard. Remember, your primary objective is to share information and draw new readers to your site. Be as balanced as possible.

5) Be thorough
You’ll find that long product reviews continually convert better than short product reviews. You’ll also find that they get better traffic, likely because of Google’s preference for long, informative content. Cover as much as you can, then be sure to summarize what you’ve covered for your readers.

6) Be original
Some affiliates have tried “autobloging” or scraping content from Amazon, utilizing Amazon’s product and customer reviews to create their web content. While that might be a solution for the lazy affiliate, you’ll never get the results you really want with duplicate content. If you’re going to do this, my advice is that you do it right … with original content.

Overall, writing product reviews are a great way to get traffic to your affiliate site. If you focus on creating engaging content and position yourself as an authority, your audience will trust you and return to your site in the future. And the more they come back, the more likely they are to buy something you recommend from your site.