Forget the website. Forget the marketing. Forget the community building and networking.

All of these items rely on one crucial element: the right offer.

What good’s a business if it’s not selling something unique or in demand?

There are countless competitors – each of them trying to gain a dominant market share. There are plenty of up-and-comers trying to replicate their success. The market is flooded. So when you begin promoting offers that have been done to death you have to sit and ponder whether you’ll find real success in affiliate marketing.

What you need to start doing is asking the hard-hitting question to insure your offer selection is one that will drive in the profits and promote your business growth.

Q: What does the market need?

Don’t trust demands. Rely on data.

We like to think consumers know what they want but this isn’t always the case. Listen to the feedback from die-hard communities (like in video games or gadgets) and you’ll almost always see disagreement.

They demand so much because an idea is worthless without application. Most consumers don’t understand the amount of work that goes into developing a product. I’m sure everyone would like flying cars but it’s just not something feasible.

Instead – focus on what’s needed in the market.

This is the type of product that is on everyone’s mind but hasn’t been produced.

It’s like scratching an itch.

  • There was a need for faster, safer transportation – we gained the automobile
  • There was a need for dynamic, global communication – we gained the Internet

I know, these two examples are way beyond the scope that is affiliate marketing but I believe they’re the easiest to understand.

A successful, long-term business avoids heavily relying on hype because they know it’s something that will fall off the radar in due time.

This should go the same for products you promote.

  • New to Facebook? Give them the right tools.
  • Starting a hobby? Give them a beginner’s kit.
  • Changing the diet? Give them the appropriate choice.

The smart affiliate marketers are the problem solvers.

They don’t take wild guesses at the market – they utilize data to make smart decisions.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the same:

1. Ask (and listen) to the problems people have in your target market

2. See where the competition falters and find what they fail to address

3. Check the data from analytical tools to examine what people need

If there is a problem to be solved then there is a need for a product.

Application in Affiliate Marketing

Go back and assess your offers.

Do they meet the criteria? Can you answer the question? Are you relying on data?

If not then it may be time to do your research and find a new promotion.

Run small-scale tests to see the demand, if you have to. Contact 10 – 20 members of your community and listen to their problems. Then find that needed item … or make it.