Is it true that Apple has plans to release the iPad 3 in March or April 2012? While consumers are left in the dark, there are rumors that production could start as soon as January.

Whether or not the Apple iPad 3 lives up to the hype is an unknown. That being said, affiliates need to be prepared for this release and what it could potentially mean to their business.

Above all else, the release of the iPad 3 will lead to a larger number of people relying on tablets as opposed to a standard desktop or laptop. As an affiliate, this means one thing: you must make sure your websites are setup for tablet browsing. The last thing you want is visitors coming to your site, just to find that the layout/design is “out of whack” and difficult to follow. This is by far one of the quickest ways to push people away, in turn decreasing your affiliate income. Are your sites iPad compatible?

As with all new Apple products, the accessory market is sure to transform once the iPad 3 is released. From cases screen protectors to speakers and everything in between, you can expect that there will be more products than ever to promote. By getting in on the ground level, before the iPad 3 is even released, you can position yourself for immediate sales. Not to mention the fact that this will allow you to hold off the competition, which there is sure to be plenty of.

What about purchasing an iPad 3 to use in your day to day business? This may not be a device that you rely on regularly, but when you are on-the-go there is nothing better than having an iPad strapped to your side. This allows you to check stats, make minor tweaks to your site, and stay in touch with affiliate managers. Sure, you could use your smart phone but the functionality is not nearly as advanced.

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