From blackjack to bingo, online gambling has become wildly popular. While these services are very common on the Web, you also have to check closely for the legitimacy of these businesses, especially in terms of money transfer.

Choosing the Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs Start with the name you know. You may have gambled online at some point – which sites did you gamble on? Talk to friends and colleagues for tips on sites they have used and do your research. Decide if you want to be affiliated with an online casino or an organization that only offers Texas Hold ‘Em or blackjack, etc.

Evaluate the sites per the following tips:

  • What are they rules? Check for the fine print.
  • Customer service – can you find contact information for customer service easily? Do they have a toll-free number or just an email link?
  • Do they have appropriate site security for personal and financial information? What do the players need to provide in order to bet or get paid?
  • Selection – make sure the company offers whatever it is you feel comfortable promoting.

Understand Your Commission

The commission you make on online gambling is actually from the losses of the person you referred and many online gambling businesses offer fairly high commissions. Be wary of sites that offer extremely high commissions – you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable business.

In addition, you should really consider your site and the visitors it attracts before deciding to become an online gambling affiliate. Even though many online gambling businesses are legitimate, there are many people that do not agree with the promotion of online gambling.

Quick Tips: Optimize Your Site to Promote Your Online Gambling Affiliate Site

  • Keep in regular contact with your affiliate so that you can promote the latest games and specials
  • Keep your links and banners updated
  • Add a blog to your site that addresses gambling and gaming techniques and tips
  • Try to focus on additional keywords (through your blogs, tips, descriptions) such as poker, gambling, online gambling, online casinos, etc.