Astrology is one of those niches that haven’t been covered yet in our series of “affiliate programs to promote.”

Even though it isn’t a mainstream thing, a big number of people is interested in astrology. What’s more, astrology has to be considered being a “passion” niche. People don’t get interested in it because of necessity. They simply desire the knowledge and information.

Desire tends to be a lot better motivator than need, and this is one of the reasons why you can make astrology a truly profitable niche.

Here’s a roundup of our picks for the top astrology products to promote.

123 Astrology

The product attracts customers by offering a free sample reading based on their birth details (full birth name, date of birth, time of birth, country and city of birth). The reading is delivered by email along with an upsell offer, which is how you can make your affiliate commission.

Speaking of which, the affiliate program offers $37 commissions (50%) as a one-time payment.


Astrologysource provides a range of free and paid services to people who want to understand and learn astrology better. The main astrologer sharing her knowledge on the site is Deborah Fenlon-Browning (Yahoo award winning astrologer). The site monetizes its traffic by offering a number of astrology reports (samples available for each).

The affiliate program offers $8 commissions (50%), plus there are some recurring commissions.

Kozmik Horoscopes

This product is a 25-page astrology horoscope custom prepared for each customer individually. The report is prepared based on some birth information. The creator of the product states that it has taken them over 15 years to develop the techniques they use when compiling the final astrology horoscope for each individual person, and that it’s designed to reveal many hidden sides of your nature.

The affiliate program offers $22 commissions (50%), plus there are some recurring commissions.

The Book Of Your Life

This product is delivered as a PDF e-book created based on each customer’s personal details. It lists things like: dominant personality traits, how to get along with other people better, one’s strengths and weaknesses, building the perfect career, how to achieve more success, one’s lucky numbers, avoiding negative influence, how to find opportunities in life, and much more.

The affiliate program offers $13 commissions (50%) as a one-time payment.


Astrolead offers a number of products such as: The 7 Keys to Your Future (teaching about astrology and the positive impact it can have on one’s life), Free Birth Chart (a popular kind of product among astrologers), and Love Horoscope Test (relationship compatibility test).

The affiliate program offers small $1.7 commissions (50%) for the initial sale, and additional recurring commissions of $167. Additionally, the program reports conversion rates as high as 9.4%.

2012 Year Of The Water Dragon

This product is delivered as a 80-page illustrated e-book. It contains predictions for all zodiac signs regarding things like: Feng Shui, finances, romances, and more. There’s also section on romance compatibility. All prepared by a best-selling author, Donna Stellhorn.

The affiliate program offers $4 commissions (50%) as a one-time payment. offers personal astrology consultations. The charts are made by hand by the author (they are not computerized), so each customer is treated individually. There’s also career astrology reading, and Vedic horoscope matching.

The affiliate program offers $2.5 commissions (10%), which isn’t something impressive, but it might be worth a try in a niche like astrology.