There may come a point when you decide to launch an affiliate program to coincide with your products and services (whether it’s in-house or managed by an affiliate network).

The inclusion of an affiliate marketing channel will allow your business to grow beyond its boundaries because you’re handing over the marketing to those that are willing to spend their time and energy to promote your work in exchange for monetary compensation.

The addition of these affiliates then allows you to scale back your own efforts so you may begin to focus on other areas of business that may have begun to go to neglect.

However, this is one hurdle you’ll run into along the way …

Recruiting affiliates to your product or service is harder said than done. You may believe you have a great offer but if the program fails to deliver than it’s highly unlikely you’ll attract the individuals willing to devote their energy toward dead-end campaigns.

The following are a few ways you can attract affiliates to your business to increase your market exposure and grow those sales:

  • Find the right pricing – There are many offers available on affiliate marketplaces and networks; one of the biggest factors is how much it pays. Trying to convince affiliates to scrape by with pittance for their commitment isn’t going to work which is why you need to pony up a decent amount for commissions. A good starting point is about 50% of the sale but you can go higher if you need to because remember that you’re also building a customer list which you can use for future promotions and marketing campaigns – this list is well worth losing the up-front cost.
  • Upsell and cross-sell – The best affiliate offers come with additional earnings through upselling and cross selling; there is a decent commission if they convert on the main offer but there is an extra bonus when the customer goes for these limited promotions right after making the purchase. The additions to the main offer will bring more money to you and your affiliates – this will make it very attractive on the network.
  • Develop a great affiliate resource – You’ll gain some individuals that know exactly what they need to do in order to convert when promoting your offers but these are few and far between. Instead, you’re going to amass a greater amount of newbies and fresh affiliates which may not have the veteran experience and know-how. Because of this you should take the time to create an affiliate resource backend which includes email marketing swipe, ad banners, content, and other forms of marketing materials which will aid your affiliates during the promotion – cutting down on their time and ensuring the right message is being conveyed to your leads.
  • Hold a contest – Contests are the icing on the cake for those getting in on the ground floor of a new product launch. A contest spurs your affiliates to get out there and pound at the marketing and promotion because there are big prizes for grabs to the best performers. The prizes you decide to give away may be somewhat expensive on the front-end but the massive buzz generated by a team of affiliates pushing hard during the initial launch will carry over for many weeks, months, or even years after handing out the prizes.

Well, that was just four different methods to attract affiliates to your offers but it doesn’t end there. Use your creativity to find other ways to make the offer attractive to those that hold the power over a platform. Solicit some feedback from the early affiliates to cater to their needs and apply what you’ve learned to create valuable incentives to those joining down the line.

With that being said … what suggestions do you have for recruiting affiliates?

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