We’ve already got through the dreadful Monday (we did share some suggestions for making it better), got past Tuesday, over the hump on Wednesday, and began riding it out on Thursday – now it’s Friday.

  • You’re pumped.
  • You’re ready to relax.
  • You’re ready to work on those projects.
  • You’re ready to take a trip.

Pump the brakes a little because you still need to make it through the day – and try not to make any excuses that it’s the end of the week – because you certainly have work to do that doesn’t need to be rolled over to Monday (which is why it’s sometimes dreadful in the first place).

Let’s focus on the weekend.

Not just in the sense that we all want to relax, kick back, throw on some food, and veg-out to the TV. No, let’s get the most out of the weekend. Really go above and beyond and make a big impact on our work.

Here’s what I’d recommend doing with the weekend so it can be a little more awesome…

Pick a project and do just one small thing

I’m sure you have plenty of projects sitting on the backburner you haven’t touched in a while. I know you probably haven’t touched them because when you think about them you see it as this monumental task – but if you were to shift your mindset you really can get it to completion if you try.

Do just one small thing to progress your project.

It can be as simple as:

  • Researching the keywords
  • Purchasing the domain
  • Selecting a site theme
  • Creating a new creative for an ad campaign
  • Building a handful of links
  • Reading, taking notes, and leaving comments on a blog you like
  • Following a tutorial to help you understand concepts

An hour a day on Saturday and Sunday can be more than enough to get the project moving forward. The progress may feel slow but it’ll begin to build up over time and it’s better than never starting it at all.

Work on an art, craft, or trade

Your brain is probably tired and burnt out after a long day’s work at the office so you’re likely to flop down on the couch after you had some food and then unwind with some TV shows or movies.

Since it’s the weekend, now, you have plenty of time to work on an art, craft, or trade you enjoy with a fresh mind and a boost in creativity.

You could try anything, really:

  • Consider learning how to play a musical instrument
  • Consider following through a tutorial series and learn a new trade
  • Consider attending a crafts meet up to try something new
  • Consider the multiple types of arts (even if you can’t draw)

Art, crafts, and trades are just as important as the work you put in at the day job.

They help inspire and unlock the creative portions of your mind which can do wonderful things for your work and business because you’re able and willing to try something new.

A piece of art you may have painted over the weekend may have given you a thought about how to improve the design of your marketing campaigns. You never know. Plus, it’s great to unwind.

Get down and dirty

I know I’m not alone on this one…

The need for physical labor (especially if 90% of your work revolves around the computer).

For us that spends the better part of our day in front a computer doing project work you almost feel an urge to do some kind of basic physical labor like building a deck, planting a garden, or whatever else you happen to catch on one of those home renovation shows.

There is something oddly satisfying about sweating, getting dirty, and working on a big home project.

Maybe that’s what you need to unwind and feel a boost in your ego. You can work your butt off all weekend and by the time you’re finished you can proclaim “I! I have built THIS!” A real accomplishment no matter how crappy it may have come out. The point is that you made something tangible.

Breaking away from the computer and all this gadgetry that keeps bogging us down, distracting us, and forcing us to keep tabs on everything that’s going on feels incredibly awesome when you’re always working at a desk so this weekend try to find a project for around the house and really put some elbow grease into it.

Weekends are awesome

I don’t have to tell you that (unless you’re stuck working it, of course). Go ahead and take some time to relax because you deserve it but don’t squander it all away on snoozing and slumping into the couch.

Put a little effort into those projects that fire your passion. Put a little time into connecting with people (whom are hard to reach during the week). Put a little time into exploring and kicking around ideas.

Here are some extra ideas:

Sure it may be “work” per-se but it’s work you decide and that can turn into some incredible opportunities for you to eventually set your schedule and work on your business when you’re ready to leave the 9-to-5.

What do YOU do with your weekends to make it awesome?