September is still three weeks away, but it’s never too early to start researching your affiliate offers and understanding the seasonal purchase patterns of autumn.

This time of the year people will naturally start to look for some educational products that can help their children be better at school with less effort. Here’s our roundup of 6 of such products.

The Math Board Games Book

The main problem with math is that it’s not fun. This product tries to solve this by teaching it through fun board games.

  • Category: Math.
  • Commissions: $10 per sale (50%).
  • Gravity: 0.94.
  • Customer support: via email at teresa@math-board-games.com.
  • The Good: A nice package of affiliate resources, containing banners, product images and promotional tools that will help you launch your campaigns.
  • The Bad: Not many affiliates making money with the product at the moment.
  • The Bottom Line: A product you should surely consider promoting. Math is a challenging topic for many children, and their parents are willing to do anything to help them with it.

K5 Stars

This product helps kids to excel at school through playing educational online games. The games are actually pretty advanced and even have the feature of tracking the progress your child is making.

  • Category: Math and reading.
  • Commissions: $13 per sale (75%).
  • Gravity: 0.08.
  • Customer support: There’s an online member’s area where every customer can contact support.
  • The Good: A lot of client testimonials, which means that the product is popular in the community. Also, the fact that the games are online makes it easier to promote (all online games are quite popular nowadays).
  • The Bad: Lack of affiliate resources, so you’re left on your own when promoting this product.
  • The Bottom Line: You can promote this product if you have a strong promotional backend and can produce some of the materials yourself.

31 Days To Faster Times Tables

A product for people who want to help their children with times tables. This is actually one of more challenging things about math, and a lot of children find it hard to master times tables.

  • Category: Math.
  • Commissions: $7.31 per sale (50%).
  • Gravity: 0.15.
  • Customer support: Support via email at caroline@mathsinsider.com.
  • The Good: The whole program is delivered as an online membership site, which acts like a headquarters area for downloading worksheets, audios, and PDFs.
  • The Bad: The membership area doesn’t get updated often, so customers can easily forget that they even bought anything.
  • The Bottom Line: It’s a simple product taking care of a single issue. This might be its main advantage over other, more developed programs.

Phonogram Cards & Phonogram Secrets Revealed!

A program using a step-by-step phonics method to master the sounds of language children need for reading and spelling. It’s said to be able to improve child’s skills in short 10-minute sessions a day.

  • Category: Spelling, reading, and writing.
  • Commissions: $11 per sale (50%).
  • Gravity: 0.
  • Customer support: Support via email at info@phonogramcards.com.
  • The Good: The product presents an innovative approach at teaching spelling, reading, and writing. This might be enough to promote it successfully to your audience.
  • The Bad: There’s 0 gravity on this thing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad product, but you’ll have to be the one to find out.
  • The Bottom Line: Promote it if you’re willing to test the waters and be the first one making money with this product. However, if you’re after improving your affiliate results in small steps with products that are certain to work then you better choose something else.

Fun Spelling Worksheets For Grades 1 And 2

    The goal of this product is to make spelling fun for children by using attractive spelling worksheets.

    • Category: Spelling.
    • Commissions: $3.81 per sale (60%).
    • Gravity: 0.14.
    • Customer support: Available through an online form.
    • The Good: This is a very simple product offering very simple promise. It’s hard to imagine a reason why anyone would want to get a refund after buying this.
    • The Bad: No promotional tools for affiliates.
    • The Bottom Line: Consider promoting this product if you can create your own promotional materials. Due to its simplicity it might turn out to be profitable for a general audience.

    The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm

    Resources for a successful spelling bee. Suitable for grades 3-5 and 6-8.

    • Category: Spelling.
    • Commissions: $8.72 per sale (50%).
    • Gravity: 0.11.
    • Customer support: Available through an online form.
    • The Good: Another simple product on this list. The promise it offers is not anything extraordinary, and that’s actually a good thing.
    • The Bad: Not a lot of affiliates making money promoting it at the moment, and also no promotional materials.
    • The Bottom Line: This product goes well with the other product mentioned here (Fun Spelling Worksheets For Grades 1 And 2). Promoting both of them at the same time might be a good idea.
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