Did you know that a Harvard Business Review found that you’ll increase productivity if you have a background noise?

It turns out that when we work with complete silence we often have trouble with creativity.

Think about that last time you worked from your quiet office vs. spending time at a coffee shop.

The ambient background noise may have originally provided a distraction but eventually you adjusted. Your brain switched over to a productive mode because it was actively trying to focus on your tasks.

As covered by TheWeek.com – a good medium is around 70 decibels which is around the level of noise at an actual coffee shop. Not too quiet and not too loud.

Want to replicate this kind of forced productivity?


About the most basic you can find available online or through apps. Coffitivity will play the murmur sound of a busy coffee shop, lunchtime lounge, or university undertones. The community can upload their own sounds, too.


This one has a focus on using white, pink, and brown noise to stimulate your mind. You can set it to oscillate in volume or set a sleep timer if you’re ready to head to bed. It’s also available as an app.


Taking two of the most popular (café sounds and rain), RainyCafe is very, very basic and doesn’t get in the way of your work. The site has actually become very popular in actual cafés and LAN centers across the world to break up the silence.


Like the sound of nature? Noise? Chatter? This is your site. NatureSoundsFor.Me allows you to customize your sound experience on four different channels with a ton of selection. Community members can vote for their favorite mixes, too.


A good selection of synthetic, natural, drone, soundscape, brainwaves, and other noises for your pleasure. You have the ability to control various levels of each sound, too. The calibration tool will give you the option to set and save your appropriate levels which will be applied to all other sounds so you don’t have to constantly tweak the audio.


The sound and view of rain right in your browser. Tweak the volume or turn off the looping video. Get it as an app. This little site is great for those days when you want some relaxation. Chill out and jump into some work and feel as if you’re sitting on the porch.

You’d be quite surprised and pleased about how noise will change your mood when working. Not only will you feel calm & relaxed but it’ll keep you focused & alert. Give it a try!