It can be lonely trying to promote the wrong products.

Imagine you’ve just walked into a party and you see someone that knocks the wind out of your breath. They’ve got everything you’re looking for. You mosey over, kick up a conversation, and soon find the both of you hitting it off. Unfortunately, what you didn’t realize is that this person has a load of baggage and psychotic personality so troubling that there’s no other choice but to bail.

I know, a bit strange for an opener but in business we have these relationships all the time. We see something flashy we want to promote but the deal turns into the proverbial “turd in the punch bowl”.

Learn from my mistakes. Here are my suggestions and bullet points for avoiding bad affiliate offers…

Low Gravity Sagginess

Gravity, in affiliate marketing terms, means how much play the product or service is receiving from the platform members. To be honest, low gravity items doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad but the fact that it’s not all that popular can generally tell you that people don’t have an interest in it (whether it’s affiliates promoting it or people buying it).

You’ll want to steer away from low gravity products and focus on the ones that have real play in the market. Of course, you could always venture into promoting one of these items if it fits but I’d say to work with what you know people buy and you’ll have a better time.

Low Commissions is a Buzz Kill

All that work into your website, building a list, and creating a brand? Yeah, you don’t want to spend all that time building up a relationship just to have it fall flat because the commission sucks. You should be getting paid for your hard work which is why you should avoid the products that aren’t at least sharing 50% of the profit.

The one exception to the rule of 50% commissions is if the product has some kind of backend offer or continuity plan where you get paid monthly for paid subscribers; in this case, the pay can even out in the long-run as long as the product creator keeps up with their word and devotion to the business.

Low Sales aka Who Invited This Guy?

You’ve been to a party where there’s that one guy that no one knows who’s trying to crash the party, right? That’s what low sales feels like. You put all this effort into throwing the party to have it disrupted.

On topic, I’d say it’s best to avoid promoting products that don’t show a lot of sales record. You don’t have to take this “rule” verbatim in all situations but it’s best to work with a business that knows what they’re doing and has a proven track record for converting leads to sales, handling customer support, and has a foreseeable future because they’re profitable. In essence, work with businesses that have shown their potential.

You dodged the bullet on that one. Ever had one of these experiences with affiliate marketing?