Habits are a tough nut to crack.

More often than not, our habits come about through a combination of our fears, routines, ego, and the information we take in.

We allow our fear to set limits on our work thus restricting our ability to explore new opportunities so we grow stagnant. We build routines that don’t allow for creative moments. Our egos become inflated so we’re blindsided when things don’t go our way. Information overload makes you plan too much and act too little.

The purpose of this article is to help you overcome the basic affiliate marketing bad habits and explain what you should be doing in place of these awful roadblocks.

#1: Going at it solo

There’s a reason affiliate marketers build a network and that’s so they have a helping hand when the going gets tough. It’s vital that you nurture your business network and open the doors to guest posting, joint partnerships, list exchanges, reviews, and the whole gamut of business opportunities that become uncovered when working with fellow business-types. Going solo will have you hitting a glass ceiling before you know it and when you’re there – it’s going to be tough to break through.

#2: Neglecting the follow up

Far too many affiliate marketers fail to follow up with their community members that have purchased through their affiliate links. Explain in the guide for irresistible offers – it becomes apparent that the follow up aids in the buying decisions of your leads because it reaffirms their decision and removes the mental barriers of completing the transaction so keep open dialog with the buyer’s and do everything you can to help them understand an implement the product or service they’ve bought through you.

#3: Skimping on great site design

Its 2013 which means no website should look and act clunky. There are countless methods to develop a great looking website whether it’s using WordPress themes, hiring a designer, using free templates, or one of the countless website building services available on the Web. A clunky site will do massive damage to your ability to close on commissions so pony up the money and make a proper investment since it literally is the face of your affiliate business.

#4: Being out of touch with your affiliate managers

Many affiliates will jump on an affiliate marketplace/program, find a few offers, and never come back unless to check on their performance. Great affiliates are always in-tune with their affiliate managers; they ask the important questions to increase performance, negotiate better deals, and common rapport nurtures a great business relationship with an individual in the industry. Failing to get in touch with affiliate managers puts you back into that position of flying solo which means you’re losing out on a vast amount of opportunities for your marketing.

#5: Sticking to a single format

You must break from the endless cycle of championing just a single format for your message. Explore the endless opportunities in other media such as podcasting, video marketing, interviews, phone chats, offline lead generation, and other tried-and-tested traffic methods. Sticking to a single format neglects large parts of your community whom would rather hear and see your message on their preferred media which means a whole lot of missed opportunities.

#6: Relying too heavily on one traffic source

Time will pass and affiliate marketers will begin to see which traffic sources provide the best results so they tend to focus solely on their source. Unfortunately, putting your eggs in one basket can lead to disastrous consequences if (and when) the policies, methods, and usage of said source begins to take a nose dive. The habit that needs to break is going with one source specially if there are so many great methods to explore whether it’s PPC, CPM, content marketing, offline lead generation, using forums, podcasting, video marketing, sponsorship, contests, and more. Everything takes time to see great results so no affiliate should drop a method after a few short weeks because they don’t see an ample return – they need to stick it out.

Bonus: The three steps for changing bad habits

Habits can be broken if you have the willpower to take action.

The three main steps include:

1. Awareness – Identify and own up to your bad habits so you’ll have proper insight on what needs to change.

2. Plan – Find out exactly what you need to begin realigning your interest and habits away from where they previously stood; set a date for when it will change and begin working on it today.

3. Reward – Give yourself a reward and a high five for successfully breaking a bad habit since this will reinforce and reaffirm your decision for change.

Though it’s just three steps – it’s easier said than done. However, you’re aware of these common affiliate marketing bad habits so it takes just two more steps to get them changed.

What are your bad habits in affiliate marketing? Share a comment, below.