Mega bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced plans to launch Nook Video, a new app for their popular Nook tablet and other mobile devices. The service will allow users to to download and view regular and high definition movies and TV shows as individual rentals or purchases instead of a subscription based service. The video content will be stored using cloud based technology in the Nook Cloud allowing users to download content anywhere and on many different mobile devices using a variety of free Nook apps.

Partnering with Barnes & Noble on the venture initially are some of the entertainment industry’s heaviest hitters including HBO, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Starz and Viacom with a promise of more content providers coming on board in the near future. Nook Video will be available to users sometime this fall although an exact date wasn’t given.

Like many brick and mortar bookstores B&N has been struggling with falling profits and has turned its sights towards more digital offerings to help counter sluggish growth.

The announcement coincides with the release of Nook HD and Nook HD+, B&N’s newest Android based tablets in a bid to heat up competition with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad.

The Nook ranks in fifth place for mobile device sales in a market dominated by the iPad but this latest move shows B&N is willing to put up a fight. For affiliates this ongoing battle underlines the ever increasing importance of having an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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