Wednesday, hump day, or what some of us like to call “slump” day.

It’s the middle of the week and things are either going really well or not working out, at all.

There’s a moment during the mid-week point where you have to make a decision to either call in the towel from being too overwhelmed by the to-do list or buckle down and push as hard as possible to see the items checked off.

It takes a lot of mental and physical exertion but if you’re serious about beating the mid-week slump than you should definitely consider taking a few of these actions:

1. Trim the Low-Quality Tasks

If your to-do list looks anything like mine than it has become cluttered with tons of activities and tasks that have been tacked on throughout the beginning of the week.

More often than not, these small tasks do not have a whole lot of value when you’re looking at the bigger picture but you still seem to wiggle them in as if they need to be done this very instant.

You’ll often use the smaller tasks to justify that you’re “busy” and can’t get around to the big ones.

So, do this, today:

  • Take five minutes to reassess your to-do list for the remaining days of the week
  • Place a priority on those that go toward your largest weekly goals
  • Delegate the other tasks to be done on the weekend or completed via virtual employee

Tick-tock – the time is going by – so make sure you don’t waste the rest of the week putting off the big items from the list – trim those you find low-quality, now.

2. Take a Mini-Sabbatical

Chances are that you’re probably not getting all the work done because you’re over-stressed and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you set out for during the week.

At this point you will probably push harder than ever but by doing so you’re just adding to the pressure especially if you’re working at half capacity – you’re already tired and your brain is fried – so even your best work isn’t nearly as great as when you’re on top of your game.

What you need is to take a step back and relax – even if it’s for the entirety of the day, if possible.


  • Taking some personal time to truly relax – disconnect from work
  • Use the short time off to do a few of your personal projects you’ve been eager to try
  • Go out and do something that makes you extremely happy (that’s often reserved for weekends)

Essentially, what you’d ideally do is take a day off and treat it like your weekend. It’s your time off, your time to disconnect, and your time to let your body rest up so you can come back with 100% rather than running on low fuel throughout the week.

If you don’t have the privilege to take this amount of time off than consider doing, at least, a half-day or even an hour or two during a lunch break to completely cut off work from your mind and let it relax.

3. Collaborate

There’s a reason why you’ve been building a network of business contacts – and it’s not just to gain a chance at doing interviews or publishing guest posts on their blogs.

The big reason you build business contacts is so that you can collaborate on projects especially when they start to slip beyond your scope – which is probably why you’re starting to stress during the mid-week slump.

There’s no shame when asking for help from your contacts especially if you’ve been helping them.

Start doing this:

  • Send out a call to your most trusted connections asking if they have time to help on a project
  • Find a very simple task from your list and see if they’re willing to give it a shot
  • Give them some form of IOU for when you have free time to work on their projects

It’s all about the value trade in this situation. What you’re trying to do is pass off a few tasks that aren’t entirely difficult to do but in a collection take up too much of your present time – these are ones that won’t hold up your contact, too much. Then it’s a matter of letting them know you’re there to help the next time you have free time which is well worth the trade because, no doubt, they will reach a similar point in their work, too.


Hump day, slump day, whatever day – it’s not always our favorite but we have to power through it.

Cutting back on low-value tasks, taking some time away to freshen your mind, and tapping into your business contacts are three good ways to dealing with the mid-week. Sure, you could throw in the towel but with these options you shouldn’t have a problem buckling down and reaching your goals.