Flower and Gift Affiliate Programs

Are you interested in setting up an affiliate program with a flower and/or gift online retailer? There are many options to choose from when looking at online retailers of flowers, plants and gifts like greeting cards or collectibles.

How do you Choose the Best Affiliate Program?

Start with the name you know. You’ve probably ordered flowers online at some point – who did you order from? Was it 1-800-Flowers, FTD or some other company? Maybe it was a local florist with an online presence. Start with companies you’ve ordered from and see if they offer an affiliate program. If not, go to the affiliate directories.

Check them out. Maybe your favorite flower delivery company doesn’t have a website, or maybe you’ve never ordered flowers online. Before you partner up with a particular company, check them out. Talk to friends or colleagues or order from them yourself.

A Few Tips – make sure you pay attention to the following when evaluating online flower delivery retailers.

  • Delivery – if they guarantee next day delivery, do they keep that promise? If not, how is the situation remedied?
  • Customer service – can you find contact information for customer service easily? Do they have a toll-free number or just an email link?
  • Ordering process – is it easy to place an order on the site? Do they have appropriate site security for personal and financial information? Do you receive a confirmation number?
  • Site quality – Is the site easy to navigate? Are the product descriptions clear? Are the images high quality?
  • Selection – make sure the company offers whatever it is you feel comfortable promoting – maybe it’s only exotic arrangements, or maybe it’s the whole spectrum of flowers.
  • Special consideration for collectible items – make sure it’s an authentic organization. If the site guarantees the collectible to be signed by the artist – make sure that is the case. Also, make sure the item arrives with a certificate of authenticity.

These tips may seem a bit obvious, but if you think about it, you won’t make commission on a site that doesn’t deliver to it’s customers as promised. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you really need to look out for yourself and cover all of the bases.

How to Optimize Sales

Why do online businesses use affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are used as part of the overall marketing strategy. Affiliate programs may take the strain off of other forms of online marketing and advertising. For example, as an affiliate, you’re only getting paid for a sale, but in actuality, you’re providing a lot more to these companies. Affiliate marketing is a great way to build incoming links (which leads to greater search engine optimization). Search engines also factor in the quality of the sites providing the incoming links – your site. So, the better your site looks, the better the affiliate site looks in the eyes of the search engines.

How do you make all of this worth your time? While you may feel a little duped about providing free marketing to some other site even though you may not always get the sale, you still need to bring people to your site in order to send them to the affiliate site to shop.

Maybe your site deals with crafts and party planning tips, and you feel that your visitors would also be interested in sending flowers and other gifts online, which is why you decided to partner up with an online flower delivery company. As it stands, you probably don’t rank very high (if at all) when someone types in flower delivery, since that’s not what you sell.

But, if you want to drive more people to your site in order to send them on to the flower delivery site, you will want to add additional elements that may draw the flower shoppers in, along with those just coming to look for party decorating ideas.

Quick Tips: Optimize Your Site to Promote Your Gift or Flower Delivery Affiliate

  • Keep in regular contact with your affiliate so that you can promote the latest sales and specials, like free delivery or next day delivery.
  • Keep your links and banners updated.
  • Keep seasonal events in mind – for example, start promoting Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day well in advance.
  • Ask the online retailer to provide you with images and descriptions of popular, seasonal or even discounted items.
  • Add a blog to your site that addresses how to incorporate flowers into events, or fun ideas on what types of gifts to send via mail. You can link to the retail site in the blog as well.
  • Do you send out emails or a newsletter? Promote the affiliate site in those, as well.
  • Try to focus on additional keywords (through your blogs, tips, product descriptions) such as flower delivery, flowers, roses, orchids, collectibles online, gift delivery, bears, dolls, etc.