In the game of affiliate marketing, you will learn a lot of things as you progress over the years. Many of them will be related to affiliate networks, how they work and the amount of money they earn, just for being a middle man for advertisers and affiliates. When larger affiliates start to realize that they are potentially missing out on a extra money, they start thinking about how they could go direct to the advertiser and bypass the network. Sometimes this may work to the affiliates advantage, and other times it may not.

In this post I will give you several reasons why it’s much better to be working with an affiliate network to run your offers, versus sending your leads directly to the advertiser.

Closer Relationships & Smaller Financial Risks

This factor can swing depending on who you are actually working with, but when you are working with an affiliate network, they make money when you make money… so they want you to succeed. It may be a lot easier to work with an affiliate network because they may be able to pay you faster than a big brand advertiser, while also being able to offer you custom landing pages and ad copy.

However, the most important issue here, is that some networks will always be good for the money that is owed to you. There are plenty of affiliate networks that have paid out commissions to affiliates, where the advertiser has gone bad and screwed over the company, yet the affiliate is still paid out of the networks pockets.

With the massive influx of new networks entering the industry, this can’t be said for all networks, but the major players we all know and love, are already running off this model. Many networks will now pre-screen and require a deposit for new advertisers without a longterm history.

Better Commissions and Payments

working with affiliate networks, you may be able to get paid much faster than working with an advertiser directly. This is mainly due to the volume that affiliate networks are pushing, and if they know you can push heavily volume, they will gladly send your commissions at a much faster rate so you can keep funding your ad campaigns.

Since affiliate networks are already pushing a massive amount of traffic and leads through their sites, there is a good chance they are getting a much higher commission from the advertiser, than what you could be getting directly with them. Most affiliate networks are taking anywhere from 20-30% commission on all leads, so when you are pushing a lot of volume, many affiliate networks will gladly give you a boost in commission, and take a smaller cut for themselves.

No Invoicing and Multiple Payments

The ease of working with affiliate networks is one of the reasons why they have been so successful over the years. They are basically doing all of the dirty work that affiliates don’t want to deal with. No one wants to handle invoices, compare stats / lead amounts, deal with fraud and then pay out commissions and checks to all of the affiliates. In addition to all of that, they are doing this for hundreds of different offers, which you then receive a single check for each week or month.

Stick to Making Money and Let the Networks Handle the Rest

Unless you are pushing some serious massive volume on a few offers, I wouldn’t recommend going directly to an advertiser unless they are trusted and you have a good history with them. In many cases, I would gladly pay the networks the percentage they are getting to handle the advertisers, all lead tracking and payments. With that said, it’s also important that you don’t get too comfortable and fat with your earnings… always keep an eye on your own stats and records to make sure everything is tracking and paid correctly.

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